Sasural Simar Ka 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sankalp locks the cat in the store room. The cat has given him a bruise. Mata ji says someone sent that can here. uma says but mohini and sunanda are dead. Mata ji says but maybe mohini commanded her before dying. Sujata says what game is she playing with us now?
Simar sees prem. she says things are placed in cold storage so they dont rot. She hugs him. Simar is in tears, she says his heart is beating he is just faint. I will take you out of here prem.

The woman takes the same liquid pot and puts it on Mohini. Mohini opens her eyes. The woman makes her sit. Sunanda sits as well. Mohini’s head hurts they cover their faces.
Mohini stands on the ground. Sunanda says i slit my wrist because i knew jhumba will make us alive again. Even if we die we have to go

to hell. And tell me why you did all this mohini? Mohini says i was forced to. I came to jhumba from police station. I knew its about time to give new path to this story. We have power But simar has involved police into this. This is why i pretended to die. So cops cant do anything. And jhumba has taken our post mortem reports as well. After that simar will say that we can’t die no one will believe her. They can get out of my trap now. Simar is hearing all this.

Mohini comes near prem and says you have been waiting for long. Just a little more time i will open your eyes and then they will be closed forever. i will sacrifice you and get all my powers. i will get what i came here for. and that time is near. Till then you rest here. Mohini and sunanda come out. amar sees them.
mohini says its about time to go to bharadwaj house. The door is about to close, amar holds it. Simar comes out. simar tells him that prem is alive and inside. Amar says he is faint, we have to take him out of here. Amar picks prem up on his shoulder.

Simar calls mata ji and tells her everything. Mata ji tells everyone simar and amar are coming with prem. Mohini and sunanda are alive and they are coming here with some jhumba. Karuna says those witches are coming here? Mata ji says we have to fight from upfront. Khushi says what will we do now, no one can save us. Mata ji says there is a way.

Mohini sunanda and jhumba reach bharadwaj house. Sunanda says there is so much serenity in the house. Mohini says the tornado is here. They step in. mohini sees the pots are not in the temple. She says where can they be? Mohini says where are you all? come here. jhumba says where are they all? Sunanda says i will take them out of their rooms. Sunanda sees in all the rooms. she checks closets are empty as well. They hear the cat’s voice. Jhumba follows the voice, she finds her locked in the store room. Mohini says mata ji simar where are you all? Sunanda comes downstairs they are not here. Neither is their stuff. Mohini says where have they all gone?

Precap-Sujata says how will you do all this simar? Simar says i will learn blackmagic. Amar says we will stay united.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. week synopsis…
    25aug: mohini and sunanda discussed how they laid a trap for simar by pretending to be dead and how prem’s life will be sacrificed for completing her pooja. simar informs everyone that prem is alive.
    26aug: mataji tells simar that the entire family supports her fight againt mohini and sunanda , when simar nforms themthat she would learn black magic. mohini is upset as she cannot find prem.
    27aug: sunanda catches simar , and mohini starts reciting some mantras. then, simar also starts chanting the gayatri mantra and manages to free herself from clutches of sunanda.
    28aug: simar manages to escape from mohini and sunanda clutches. they follow simar, but are unsuccessful. sunanda and mohini are wondering as to where the bharadwaj family has gone.
    29aug: mohini tells sunanda that the servent is simar and that they all will not let simar know about it until they find prem. mohini asks simar to drink something. amar sees simar drinking it.

  2. i think the third lady is thakurayin… she looks like thakurayin… what you says guys??? who is she??? what you think who is she?

  3. Might be yaar because tis show has lots of twist and turns…..and in one interview Sid said tat there is some secret behind thakurayin death……

  4. Pleas can we have some normality back in this program. I use to love watching it but can’t bear to do that anymore.

  5. watch today e24 segment in that they said mohini ka the end jaldi hone vali hai.. pretyusha said her track comes to an end and she miss the co-stars.. but at last e24 segmnt reporter background me said ” aap kya aur ssathi darshako bhi be sabrise intezaar hai aane vali happy ending ki” it confused me it means serial ending or about track ending.. please tel me..

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