Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi comes to bharadwaj house. She says is someone there? She hears sujata’s voice. Prerna and simar rope jhanvi.
Jhanvi says leave me let me go. Jhanvi says where is maa. Simar says in heart I don’t have another way to save maa. Jhanvi says leave me let me take her to hospital. She is not well. Aren’t you humans? you would have known if she was your family. Simar says I am your family. Jahnvi says what is all this. simar says this is our house. Don’t you remember? Jhanvi says let me go. Simar says try to recall I am your bhabhi. Jahnvi says are you mentally ill? Why are you doing this to me?
Simar says now listen, you want me to leave your maa? I will but you won’t take her to Dr.Segal. Jhanvi says but why? Prerna says we saved her from

him. Jhanvi says you took her out of OT. Simar says if segal had operated her she wont have been alive. Jhanvi says what do you want from me. I have nothing to give you. Simar says try to understand. Jhanvi says I won’t let you do this. When you try to do something police will come. I informed them before coming here. Simar says you have to help us God.
Jhanvi says where are you taking maa now?
Winds start blowing a red chunri falls on sujata. she says take me to temple. Simar takes her to temple. Sujata falls down. She holds her heart. Simar says nothing will happen to you maa. We have lost one person. Simar says why are you doing this with her. Punish me for my mistake. Why are you doing this with my maa. If something happens to her I will never come back to you. You have to save maa.

Maani comes in. She comes to jhanvi and says I am neighbor.I saw all this happening here. I thought I should help you. Jhanvi says release me. Maani leaves her. Simar and prerna are doing pooja. Jahnvi says how can I save maa? Prerna says if you wanna save her you have to kill them both. If they see you they will kill you. She gives her a knife.
Simar says I am going to apply this sindur on her. She pours it on sujata. Jhanvi comes and says I wont leave. She is about to kill her. Sujata holds her hand and stops her.she stands up. She says simar.. Jhanvi is dazed. She says maa.. what are you saying. you know them? what is happening here? Sujata says she is my daughter in law. Jhanvi says what are you saying. Simar applies sindur on jhanvi too. Jhanvi stops for a while. She says what happened bhabhu? Why you applied this teeka? and what am I doing with this wife. What was I doing? Prerna says this is a miracle. Simar says calm down. Are you ok? Jhanvi says yes.

Precap-Jhanvi says to prerna I asked you not to help simar. You will punish her so bad. She throttles Prerna.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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