Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar asks Prem where were you? He says none of your business. Prem says turn off the lights I am tired. Prem sleeps on the couch. Simar says don’t decide something that would make us regret later.
Prem says in heart I don’t need your opinion. I know what is right for anjali.

Next morning,amar says piyush left? simar says yes its his first office day. Mataji says anjali come have breakfast. Landline rings. Anjali picks. A man says I am raj agarwal. Can I talk to prem? Anjali says he is not here. any message? He says tell him I and my son will come to see his daughter day after tomorrow. Anjali throws the receiver away. Everyone asks what happened? Anjali what is going on dad? You invited people without even asking me. Prema says i can I am your dad. Simar

says but its her marriage. You are her dad doesn’t mean you will decide for her without asking her. I don’t think she is ready for marriage. You didn’t share with anyone. Who are these people.. Prem says I know them and thats enough. He is best for anjali. Simr says but.. Prem says enough. Simar says you are angry. Try to understand. Its about her marriage. Its such an important decision dont take is hasty. Prem says now you will talk about importance of marriage? KB says in heart so prem was in all this since yesterday. Anjalu says look who are talking about marriage who could never handle theirs. No dad. I won’t ruin my life because of you. I won’t meet anyone. Prem says I am not asking you I am telling you what to do. This is the guy. You will marry him and thats final.

Scene 2
Rita comes to Roshni’s room and sees her pictures with Piyush. Rita says this photograph is better. You and piyush look so good. Roshni says are you okay? This is piyush’s photo. Rita says I am your mom. Your happiness is mine. Roshni says thank you mom I love you. Rita says I love you too. But for how long will it stay one sided? You should talk to piyush. Roshni says he is always busy. Rita says so you will wait for him all your life. What if you keep waiting and he finds someone else. This is your time don’t let it slip.

Simar tells piyush everything. He says everything will be okay don’t worry. I have to go to Kapoor mansion for a document.

Anjali is packing her bag. she says dad thinks i will do everything he asks me to. KB says what are you doing? Anjali says running away from here. KB says thats not the solution. KB says see his photo he is so handsome. Anjalu says yes he is. I would have made him my bf. but I can’t tie my life. KB says what if marriage becomes freedom instead of tie? Anjali says what? KB says this is his FB profile. He roams around the world on his dad’s cash. If you marry him you will have so much fun. he would do as you ask him to. This is not husband this is ATM. You will have no prem and simar and will live your life according to how you want.
Roshni says to Piyush I will come with you to site as well. He says I have work there what will you there? She says I will roam and won’t disturb you. He says you will be bored. Roshni says I don’t mind. He says lets go.

Simar is praying show me a way God. Prem isn’t doing right. Mataji says you never understand on right time. I am not saying if prem is right or wrong. No one can say that. Maybe this marriage is the solution of Anjali’s life. Simar says every mother wants her daughter to marry I do too but not now. you know anjali, she can’t handle the responsibility of marriage yet. Mataji says I know you won’t let anything happen to Anjali. Mataji coughs. Simar says let me get your meds. Mataji prays for Simar and Prem. She says please save their relationship. Make them one again. give me my family back.

Roshni and Piyush are on their way. Roshni says are you done with work? He nods. Roshni says now you can spend time with me? He says you didn’t disturb me. So tell me what do I do now. Roshni says I want to talk to you. but not here. He says then? She says take right from here.

prem asks his PA does marriage bring stability in life or not? He says yes sir for me it brought stability. I am a much better man now. Prem says this means my decision was right.

Roshni and Piyush come to a park. She says we have so many memories here. We used to talk here. Piyush says you used to bore me. Roshni says there is something that I hid from you. Piyush says what is it? Why are you so hesitant to tell? Lets go home ma is waiting for me. Then tell me on call.. Lets go. Roshni says I love you Piyush. Piyush stops in bewilderment.

Precap-Simar calls Prem. He says I don’t want to talk to you. Simar says its about Anjali. You are being hasty. Anjali is not ready for the marriage yet. Mataji says to all simar is saying is to know Anjali’s will. Anjali comes in and says I am ready. Prem says now my daughter is ready as well your opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is one messed up family!!!! In the real world, if I was simar, I would have left that screwed up and toxic family a long time ago. Who says that a woman should stay in a marriage and be so hated, misunderstood, unappreciated, ridiculed for so long and still trying to hold on. She has a good son, her daughter is waste, why she is like this is reflective of the upbringing by her father and toxic exposure to slimy, ugly(literally)KB and her conniving teachings. Time and time again, simar has tried with anjali, and for each step forward, Simar actually regresses two steps backward. It’s hard though for Simar to see her daughter going in the wrong direction but the odds are too much against her. BTW…. Where did Roli disappear for all these years?

    1. Ritvi

      Roli died years ago dr

  2. Where is sanju and siddharath

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