Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Pari says that you are right mamma i have to look for the shop my self now. But how will i do this i won’t get time for make up and yoga? Achna says that i am here for aarav. and the uma, sujata, roli and simar will be her to work. Just think about the future of your son. PAri says u am doing this for him.

Scene 2
Roli comes in the room she looks at sid who is pretending to sleep. She sya i didn’t talk to you whole day i thought i will do it enough now. She is about to go when prem reaches for her hand he get her over her. Sid says that you wanted to talk right? do. Roli smiles and says you wanted to sleep, now do. He says you are my cheese butter and chocolate. She sats don’t talk about food it will be hard to fas tomorrow. She tell him that she

has to wake up in the morning. Sid says that i will fast with you too for love of my life. Roli hugs her and says i love you he syas that i haven’t spent a single day without thanking God for a life partner like you. He says i just want my sister to ahev a good husband too. He asks roli why is janvi’s name startling her ? Roli says no its not like that. He asks if shaureya is annoying her ? She sys no just sleep we have to wakje up.

Scene 3
Next morning sujata gives her daughter in laws the sargi of karwachod. Mata ji gives the sargi to her daughter in laws and to mausi ji and achna. Mausi ji syas that now don’t put price tag on it, it is priceless it just has the love of my mata ji. Achna says my mom in law used to give me sweets of 400 KG ghee. Prem, shalu, prem and papa comes in ad says where is our sargi mata ji ?Sid says We are fasting this time because we also need a partner to bore us all the time and i am happy with the way roli bores me. They all eat up their sargi.
There in the room janvi is also eating for the fast she remembers how shaureya sais that they will be with each other to eternity and next morning he broke he wedding locket. Tears are slipping of her cheeks. She says why you did this to me shaureya it must be a joke for you, but for m its a truth that i lived and felt. I am obligated to be loyal with this relationship. I may not be nothing for you but you are my husband for me and i will live this reality.

Scene 4
ext morning simar comes to janvi’s room. She says that we are fasting so we thought to give you your tea here in your room. Janvi is quiet. Roli says that when i was going to my room after sargi i saw your room’s light open you woke up for sargi? Simar says why after knowing the reality you are fasting for shaureya. Janvi says because this is my responsibility. She cries. Simar says that they will take vengeance of what shaureya has done to you. He will ahve to pay.

Scene 5
Everyone in the living room is laughing at pari who is hungry in the day time. Mata ji asks mausi ji, roli and simar where are they going? Mausi ji says that they are going to temple.Mata ji says that simar has to stay home mar is worried. Pari says that we need help in selecting colors of decor. Pari says that let her go she has know how of all new fashion colors. Sujata says that simar always selects the colors and she will do today. simar says okay i will stay. Roli and mausi leave. Simar prays for their luck.

Precap- Roli has changed the out look of mausi ji but she is talking the same way she does. She is about to fall in the pool owing to the heels she is wearing..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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