Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Patali’s idol opens its eyes. All four of them walk back to the car and leave the jungle. Prem dresses simar’s wound. She says its hurting. Prem says its done. Simar hears indra laugh. Prem says what happened? she says i heard someone laughing. Prem says we didn’t hear anything like that. Don’t worry everything is fine. Prem says take it out of your mind. Everything is okay. Simar says I am so excited to see and talk to roli. She has suffered so much. SId says my roli is back.
Pari says to mata ji roli is nowhere. We looked everywhere. Mataji says where ca she go? Sujata says how is this possible. Why is she not answering. Mataji says if simar ahs killed indra then why is roli missing. Pandit ji comes in. Mataji tells him about Roli. He says this is

worrysome. I am not getting the reason.

Simar, sid and prem come home. SImar says everything is okay. Indra has died. Prem remembers everything. Sid says where is roli? Everyone is quite. He says why is everyone quite? Where is roli? Simar says you are concealing her from me. Simr says let me go look for her. Sid says I am coming as well. they go upstairs. Sujata says sid came home with so much home and roli is not there. Simar says roli where are you? stop hiding. She and sid ask mataji where is roli? Mataji says she has been missing. SId says how is that possible. Mataji says we are not getting that either. Pari says what if she has roli with her. Sujata says don’t say like that. Sid says she will come I am sure. He says roli please come. Mataji says pandit ji please help us. Only you can help us. He says i am not as good as guru ji. But I can tell you something go to tmeple where you found simar you mgiht find something there. Simar says I will go there and bring my roli back. Sid says I will go as well. Prem says me too. Mataji says okay then bring her back.
Prem says simar lets go. Pandit says wait you killed patali devi your life can be endangered. Wear this locket this will protect you. Simar wears it. They leave. Mata ji says don’t give up like this. We have suffered so much. A little more and we are close to get roli back. God will help us. Simar says you are right. thinking of roli’s face gives me strength. I promise you i will bring her back. She says if this is what God has decided then be it. I am coming to get my roli.

Precap-Simar’s saari gets stuck in a trishun. Mataji says where it came from. Its a girl holding it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow episode

    1. Keep waiting

  2. i like today episode the way sid and simar are eagerly waiting to meet their roli. i loved the way just sid and simar acting to meet roli… they both knows roli loves them alot…..

  3. Will roli return or not? Is dis only a single simar track?

  4. When roli will come I missing so much

  5. Omg missing ROLI soooooo bad I need her back ROSID back dey would Neva do dis wid premar stupid writers

  6. hey ..wat z d adhura storg of indrawathi in past …ie. when after coming of 3rd dayan?
    hw did she die before 100years …
    can any 1tell me plz…
    actuly i missed those episodes…

    1. the didn’t show those things.
      i watched it every day.

  7. i just lost hopes on rosid//only simar n those dayans..fed up

  8. I tot roli will come back but don’t no when she will come back

  9. Hey.. they should bring naagin back then those dyans

  10. Stupid story.please stop this drama.always there something happening in simar’s life.what the hell.first nagin then chudail omg.when will they live peace full.plese move the drama on good track otherwise please stop this….

  11. roli will back this week thursday or friday episode..

  12. Hate superstitionl track

  13. I dont like to comment too.missing avika a lot

  14. What stupidity 1 daayan dies anothr becomes alive really rubbish got really bored with these dayans.bullshit serial.

  15. chill guys,
    This time Roli will be helping the family and bring simar from the evil…
    as avika has started to shoot SSK.
    some intresting story to be done by Writers… Fingers crossed.

  16. Why no it for 25th

  17. We are waiting for 25th November episode y u didn’t updated the episode yet
    Pls upload fast

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