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Scene 1
simar says if my trust breaks I will be yours with my will. You know I keep my word. you have this whole village you are the God here. Why are you scared of prem then? You killed my sister and called yourself powerful why are you scared of my trust then? Accept my challenge vikrant Mehta.vikrant says I accept it. I can wait wait ofr 10 days. You faith will shatter and I will win completely. you will be fine and without force. Now this wedding will be after 20 days. he leaves and so do all the people. Leela bring roli there. simar is dazed.

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Simar swipes her tears and smiles. leela and roli are in the

window of sarpan’s house.

Sid comes out of his car and waits for the woman who called her. he says where is she? This is the checkpost. He gets a call then woman says bring the car near the desolated road and keep the door open. Sid goes to the silent road. He says no one is here. He gets out of his car. He says no one is here. why is she taking so much time. a girl comes and says lets go from here. she sits in his car. Sid asks who you are and how you know vikrant? She says we don’t have time lets go from here. sid hears some people firing. He asks who are they? she says lets go or they wil kill us.

Leela and roli are trying to go out but th guard is there. He drinks some alcohol.. roli covers her face. leela syas lets go. Roli trips and the cloth falls off her face. the guard asks leela who is she? Leela syas you are useless. should I tell sarpan that you drink here. He says I am sorry. leela says she has brought the food.

Roli goes to simar. simar says are you okay? roli syas don’t wory about me. simar says sanju and Anjali are still with vikrant.

Anjali says I wanna go to mama. sanju says me to. Sanju says I am scared. Anjali says lets pray to God. they start praying together. Roli and simar are praying as well.

Scene 2
mata ji calls prem and tells him that no one could find simar. he says we don’t know anything either. mata ji says where could she be. prem says I will bring her bck I promise. mata ji says take care of yourself. prem call sid but he is driving.

sid stops the car and says tell me who were they? She says they were Vikrant’s me. sid says are they the same people who kidnapped prem? she says perhaps. she says my name is priya I work in a bar. some people were taking about prem bharadwaj’s kidnap I hear you taling about the same issue.sid says please tell me all what you know. He syas lets go to police station. she says I will tell you everything but I want 5 lac in return.

Sid says why? she says I am not blackmailing you I want this money to educate my kids so they don’t have to work In then bars Sid says I will give you money tell me where can I find vikrant?The thugs come on the bike and strat firing. Sid and the girl runs to the car. the thugs are chasing them and firing their car.
Sid takes car to a safe place. the girl says keep the money ready I will call you soon.

roli says I will find them and we will all run tonight. leela says forest is surrounded by forest and the only way has Vikrant’s men. cops wont even help you. roli says we wont give up. We have 20 days. simar says you’re right.God will help us.

precap-roli says we need a map for this and a phone so we can tell jeju and sid, leela says onky two phone are here. Vikrant’s and my dad’s.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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