Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Sonia comes in and sees Roli and Simar. Roli asks why are your eyes red ? Khushi hears he on the phone. She is worried why are they there. Simar asks whats wrong sonia ? She wonders what to say. Its the real sonia. Sonia says I have to handle this I can’t take risk on sankalp’s life. She says I had something in my eye.

scene 2
Jhanvi gives her resignation to the boss. He says I am sorry, she says don’t be. I know your problems. Anurag comes in and sasy sir my resignation. He stands up and says why are you resigning ? He says I can’t work at a place where jhanvi is fired. I am the one who should go first. He says this is unfair. I wouldn’t have tolerated if this was someone else. He says jhanvi take your resignation I will talk to the admininstration.

He tears Anurag’s resignation as well.

scene 3
Sonia gives the presentation. Everyone is satisfied except roli, simar and sid. SHe says I have to control. Roli says she looks feared. Khushi says I am enough for those sisters. Sankalp comes in and says I was so worried for you. So I came here for your support. He hugs her and she is in tears. Khushi says to sonia escape from that place. Sonia leaves. Khushi says come and sit in the van.
simar asks sankalp where is sonia ? HE says maybe she left for home. SImar says okay we will see. Khuhsi asks her to come in. Roli and Simar come out. Simar shows roli a tissue on which something is written. Its says save me. Roli says that means she was real sonia. How didn’t it come in our minds. Roli says we should do something. They saw her sitting in the van. Simar says that means real sonia is nit home. They go in. Mata ji asks where were you ?Simar says we are worried for sonia. Roli says we tried to find her but she is no where. Karuna says what you mean ? Simar says we saw her going in a van. Khuhsi comes and says which van are you talking about simar bhabhi ? Karuna asks where were you ? SHe says I just came home to rest. Verma aunty comes in. She says congratulations there are new people in our neighborhood. Lets welcome them in your house.

Scene 4
A nurse comes and says I heard that you are leaving job because of anurag. She syas I have been reassigned because of him. I am going no where. She goes to anurag and asks what is he thinking about ? He says actually I have told maa everything about you except for your pregnancy. She would never have agreed if I told her this.

Scene 5
Roli tells sid and prem that she sent real sonia for presentation. Don’t know why she couldn’t share. SImar shows him the note. Sid says this too much. Prem says that it shows sonia is kidnapped. We have o be careful.

Precap- Roli says Mata ji we all have been deceive dtis girl is not sonia. Khushi has sent her here. We have so many proofs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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