Sasural Simar Ka 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samir recalls everything. Everyone is worried. Piysuh says anjali has blocked all our accounts. Arav says where will we pay from? We don’t have cash. Roshni gives him her jewelry and says Sanju’s life is most important. Pari asks ananiya to give her as well. Ananiya gives her jewelry as well. She says go and sell them. Samir comes in the hospital. Pisyuh says how dare you come here. He shoves samir, Aara says i will kill you if you come near my sister again. We don’t need your money. Samir says I didn’t come here for any fight. I want to do my responsibility. Sanju is in this condition because of me. Pisyuh shoves him and says get out. We don’t need any help. Samir says I will not go until sanju is fine, Ananaiya comes and says sanju has opened her eyes.

They all go to sanju.

Simar caresses sanju’s face. She says my child please forgive me. This all happened because of me. If something happened to you.. Sanju says you are my strength. Don’t say that. Nothing can happen to me till you are there. Samir is looking at her from the glass. sanju says with this step I have won samir’s truth. That is why he is not with anjali but here with me. Piyush says he might harm you again. Sanju says nothing will happen. We can’t leave this battle. Piysuh says I will kill samir. Sanju says no we have to win this battle. Simar says sanju is right. Roshni opens the door and samir comes in. He says Sanju i..
Inspector comes in and says we got a call from hospital. Did someone force you to drink poison or you did that yourself? Sanju says I was taking my meds and took these instead. It is no one’s mistake. Inspector says okay. He leaves. Mataji says what are you thinking sammir? The one you tried to kill saved you. Siamr says this is the difference between anajli and sanju. Only few people stand by you. Mataji says you can’t buy peace with money.. Simar says this is what a true person is who saved you even when you tried killing her.

Scene 2
Anjali says where is samir. Why is he not picking up my call? samir comes in the house with sanju. He holds her and takes her to sofa. Anjali saays what is this? Why have you made her sit on my seat. Sanju says how can you be so heartless? Anjali says you drank that milk yourself. Who asked you to do that. She says I did that for my love. you can’t understand what love and relationships are. You couldn’t even save your marriage. Anjali says how dare you.. She is about to slap sanju. sAmir holds her hand and says control yourself. Sanju just came from hospital. If you dont want to her to sit on this seat, he shifts her to sofa. He gives sanju water. Samir says you should rest now. Samir gets a call. Mataji says has samir changed or is this a drama? sanju says we have to execute our plan. We have to keep cracking the space between samir and anjali.

Anjali says to samir shame on you. You stopped my hand for that sanju. Now see what I do.. I have half share in this property. I can take your friend Karan to police and get you arrested. Samir says listen pleases.
Piyush says to simar everything will be okay. See how our plan is working. Samir overhears this. he says plan? Simar says sanju you won’t risk your life for this plan. Samir says so they did all this to blackmail me emotionally. Sanju says we will separate samir and anjali.

Scene 3
Samir meets that person adn says they have to pay for this mistake. Now see what I do with sanju. Mataji and simar are praying. Simar says I don’t feel everything is right. We can’t trust samir. What if he harms my sanju. Mataji says God is with us and sanju.
SAmir says my plan starts where yours end. Now see what I do.

Samir says sanju come sleep on bed. He gives her meds. He holds her hand and says I have understood my responsibility. I won’t annoy your family anymore. This is what your plan was? to fool me? You thought I won’t know. I won’t leave after even getting your property. I will destroy your lives. Now you will fool your family with me. I wanna play a game. You are in my team and then there is your family. You can’t tell them that you are in my team. If you play this game for seven days I will return you your property. She says i agree.

SAmir says to anjali didn’t you go to expose me? Anjali says I knew you have done something. He says I have hidden him. your own family is fooling you. Your family is making a plan. They are planning to separate us. Anjalu says let me talk to them. He says no. Use your brains. We have to fool them this time. I have a plan.

Precap-SAmir says Simar I will ruin your life by using your daughters. Get used to of being tortured. Your life will be full of insults.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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