Sasural Simar Ka 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says to aditi if jeju finds the truth he won’t let didi live here for a moment. If didi doesn’t stay here sunnaina won’t get justice. Right now I am going to meet jeju he went to Mehta house to get didi back. She leaves.

Scene 2
Simar is crying. SAnju says why are you crying mama ? Who was that uncle ? Why was he calling you simar and asking you to go with him. You are my mom right ? Simar says he had some misunderstanding. You should go to baa, she must be looking for you. Sanju leaves. Simar cries and says what kind of test is this God. What can I say to prem that I am not his simar ? I am sunnaina I can’t do that. you know I can’t lie to prem ji. I left my house without saying anything to anyone. I had no courage to face them. help

me I am getting weaker. What should I do ? I can’t lie and if I say the truth he will take me from here and all our efforts will go in vain. Show me some path. She hears prem’s voice again. he is saying I don’t wanna talk to you people he is downstairs with police. He says simar come here your prem is here to bring you back. Vikran says what is this inspector ? Inspector says he told us that you have kept his wife here with force. Vikran says what if someone comes and says this house is theirs ? Prem says we won’t need any proofs or anything. bring simar she will tell everything. Vikran calls sunnaina. Roli’s looking in from a outside window. Simar comes downstairs, Prem is looking at her with tears.
Roli wonders what will simar do. Prem says tell them simar that you are not sunnaina. police is here with us. Tell everyone what the truth is. vikran says sunnaina tell them that you are sunnaina my wife and tis hosue’s daughter in law and sanju’s mom. prem says simar just for once look in to my eyes and say that you are not simar I promise I will leave. Roli says what will happen now. didi can never lie in front of prem. Prem says siamr don’t be scared I am here with you, I will make everything okay. Come back. Bharadwaj house will get a new life if you come back at least think about Anjali. Tell them what the truth is. he extends his hand, simar says stop. There must be a misunderstanding. I am not simar I am sunnaina Mehta. simar says I used to live in US then I came here and met Vikran, we got married, baa was against our wedding but after sanju’s birth she accepted us and we shifted here in Ahmedabad with her. Roli says I know what you must be going through, I will expose the truth of sunnaina’s death and I will take you from here.
simar says wait let me show you the proof. She brings her marriage certificate, her passport and her photo with sanju. She gives it to the inspector. simar says do you believe me now ? If your I was your wife would have I talked to you like this ? I would never have. Prem says you’re right you can’t be my simar. You’re sunnaina. Simar could never lie to her prem. Even if she had to lie, her eyes never went with her. I made a mistake I am sorry. He apologizes vikran. Vikran says its okay can understand your feelings. He bows down and says sorry to sanju. Roli meets prem outside mehta house. She says in heart i can’t tell you truth jeju. Prem says for a moment i thought simar i alive but she isn’t our simar. Roli says that’s why i came here. I saw her first at summer camp. I had a lot questions in mine. That’s why i came here and she told me that she’s sunnaina. Prem says no one knows simar more than you. If you’re saying she’s not simar she must not be. Roli says in heart sorry jeju but i know you’ll pardon us when you’ll find the truth.

Precap-Roli says didi check what’s in locker of vikran’s study. Simar sees the photo of sunnaina in his locker. Aditi asks roli to go to simar. Simar is in tears. She hugs roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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