Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Simar and Prem meets Piyush

Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari getting someone’s call who informs her that piyush is with her. Pari scolds her and asks her not to call her again. Simar asks whose call it was? Pari asks her not to be blinded and says if we have been with Sanjana then her baby would had been alive. Prem says it is her destiny. Pari says we are searching her, and says don’t know if he is dead or alive. Mata ji slaps her and says can’t you realize how Simar is feeling. Simar asks her to take her words back and takes her phone and calls the woman. She says you called at this number to inform about my son. Woman asks her to come to Noida highway. Simar says she wants to meet him today itself. Woman agrees and asks them to come there. Piyush is sleeping in her house.

Simar tells that she agreed to meet

them at Noida highway. Prem says I will go. Simar and Prem asks Mata ji to rest at home and they leave. Mata ji asks Mata Rani to return Piyush this time. Pari is upset and goes inside.

Sameer brings Sanjana home from the hospital. Sanjana is sad. Bhairavi looks on upset with Sanjana. She stops them and takes out evil sight from her. Sameer asks what you are doing? Bhairavi says I have taken bad sight off from her and asks her to come inside. Simar asks Prem when will they reach and says they are travelling since 3 hours. Prem says we have reached. They get down from the car and wait for Piyush. They see woman and Piyush on the bike. Simar says he is Piyush. Prem asks her to sit in car and they follow them. The woman is shown who has kept Piyush in her control as she drives the bike. Simar asks Prem to drive fast. Woman drives the bike fast. Simar asks Mata Rani to help them. Prem overtakes the bike and stop it before ut. Woman takes out the helmet and looks on. She takes out the knife and asks them not to come infront. Prem holds her hand and throws the knife. He asks Simar to open the rope. Simar frees his hand. Piyush aims gun at Simar.

Bhairavi tells Sanjana that she will feed her desi ghee etc and make her strong, so that she conceives baby soon. Sanjana goes to her room. Sameer says Sanjana can never conceive now as Doctor said. Bhairavi says everything is in God’s hands. Simar and Prem are shocked as Piyush aims gun at Simar.

Sanjana comes to baby’s room and cries seeing the toys. Sameer comes there, pacify her and says he will shift all these items from here, but Bhairavi comes there and says this will not go anywhere. She keeps all the toys and burns it. Sanjana cries. Bhairavi says these are inauspicious things and shall be burnt.

Piyush laughs and says aunty is scared. He acts as a boy. Simar and Prem are shocked. Woman says now he will not agree, and says opening his rope is like showing stairs to monkey. She pushes him on Simar and asks him to handle him. Simar hugs him and cries. Piyush asks Simar to tell the woman to let her play. Woman says that’s why I tie his hands and I have to do so much to call him back home. Piyush says he is lying. Woman says he is grown up man, but is like 5 years old boy. Piyush says I want to go and play. Prem hugs him and says I will take you to play. Piyush says I don’t know you and will go to my house. He asks woman to take him to her house. Prem and Simar are in shock.

Pari tells Simar that Inspector called and said that Piyush is dead. Simar sees them mourning for his dead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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