Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2013 Written Update

Simar is telling masi to be sure as she wont let anything happen to masi. And masi says when we get everything back roli should get everything back too her family and her love. and simar says it will happen. Simar says where is Roli.

Roli is giving divorce papers to veeru and says my end promise is done now ur turn. and as veeru is about to hug her and roli stops him and roli says u r forgetting something…property papers signed by khushi. veeru says today;s day is very memorable for us…in the moring to made sid sign the papers and now in the night billo will sign the property papers. Roli says first finish ur promise then u think about me. and veeru says i love this attitude of urs. Tomorrow property papers will be in ur name. and Simar claps her hands and roli looks all shocked. simar comes and says from ur childhood u told me everything…and now u r hiding this from me. the big plan u made for family’s sake and u didnt tell me. and roli says what plan didi..and masi comes and roli shocked to see her and masi says simar knows everything. simar comes and says why did u do this. i know u did it for family but its a big risk. u didnt even tell me. u didnt trust me. ? roli says dont say that. and simar says what should i say. Even i want the property back from khushi…but no..every one is in pain cause of u and even sid. and roli says u r thinking wrong. and masi says we didnt tell u all this cause of ur child. and roli says if khushi found out anything then anjali would be in problem. simar says we will tell everything to everyone. but masi stops her. and simar says all will forgive u. and roli says no dont tell anything to anyone. just one more day. we are very near. roli our family has always given support to each other and they will support u. simar says i m going to tell everyone. and masi and roli are trying to stop simar.

khushi has a headache and is resting and veeru comes and khushi tells him to massahe her head. and veeru doesnt. and she inisists. but veeru stands there. and veeru says khushi sweets papers..and u r going to sign. and khushi says later. and veeru says stop avoiding…and khushi still is avoiding saying i will sign in the morning. and veeru leaves thinkign he shouldnt pressure khushi as she might change her mind.

Simar comes to the family and thinks all are going to know today that roli is not wrong. and simar says mataji i need to tell u all something and masi comes and says NO..i will tell everyone. and masi says i will telling simar how to celebrate makarsankarati. and mataji starts are talk. and simar goes to one corner. and masi comes to her and says see simar how they yearn to get their house back. now u want to tell them the truth?? and she leaves. and roli is listening from outside. mataji sayas this house is my life..and masi signals roli that all is ok. simar goes to roli and says i know what u r thinking…but only one more night and tomorrow morning veeru will get the signed papers. pls. and simar agrees and roli hugs her. mataji is blessing sid as he is about to leave for a conference call. sid says u guys tried to stop me i am happy. and then he starts taunting roli and then picks up his bag and leaves but they both look at each other and then he leaves. and roli thinks when u come back all will have everything and ur roli will be with u.

Precap – billo is about to sign the papers but then she says she is going to read it first.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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