Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says Vikram let anjali go. I know she can control. She has fasted so well. Go and enjoy there Anjali. Anjali says I will eat this in my room and get ready.
Roshni is calling Simar and preparing for the pooja. Mataji says you have prepared very well. I hope everything goes well between you and Piyush. Mataji says come here Piyush. She says you remember you have to do pooja with roshni? Don’t go anywhere. Its a day long pooja. He says okay and leaves. Roshni says I think he doesn’t have any mood. Mataji says he will don’t worry. Mataji says why are you so upset? You have to be patient.

Anjali comes in a short dress. She says bye everyone. Vikram says take care. Saroj says you will wear this? ANjali says this is the dress. Saroj says but you are

fasting. Vikram says it doesn’t matter. She is fasting with heart and that’s all that matters. Saroj says okay don’t worry. Saroj says but only Anjali knows Sanjev’s meds. How will I handle that? Anjali says yeah let me go and give him meds. She leaves her bag and goes there. SAroj coughs Vikram brings water for her. She looks out for address in Anjali’s bag. She takes Anjali’s phone and hides it. Anjali leaves.

Roshni says to Piyush I know you don’t want to do this pooja but this is for our family and that is why I want you to do it with your heart. He leaves. Roshni says I am sure he wont come tomorrow. He still loves Vadahi.

Scene 2
Anjali comes to wedding. She eats everything there. Anjali says I have waited three days to eat. She thinks she can starve me. Shanaya says Tai ji should know how wise anjali is.
Saroj comes to Vikram and says Anjali forgot her phone home. Vikram says okay she will call from Shanaya’s phone. Saroj says what if she is late and gets stuck somewhere. Its late. I think I should go give her phone. Vikram says I will give it to her. saroj says I want to buy my meds too. Can I come as well? He says I will bring the meds. Sarojj says you don’t want to take me with you? He says no no. I will. Lets go.

Piyush calls Vadahi. He says if you need anything let me know. she says you did so much for my daily life. KB is listening too on speaker. Vadahi says I feel so alone without you. Will you come to meet me tomorrow? He says its not possible tomorrow mataji has prepared a pooja for me and Roshni. I will come a day after. He says I am very sorry and take care. Piyush says I want to stay with you too Vadahi.
KB says to Vadahi what are you doing? You need to bring him here. roshni will sit in your place. She says this is all simar’s game. She wants to take him away from you and give him Roshni. Vadadhi says you just see what happens tomorrow.

Saroj and Vikram come to party. Vikram asks a girl about anjali? Anjali is eating. Saroj says there is she. Vikram is dazed to see her eating. Vikram says Anjali.. I trusted you. And I thought you are fasting with your heart and you broke my trust. She says please listen. He says I always stood by you. I defended you for your clothes too. Anjali says let me say. he says I don’t wanna listen anything. Anjali says just let me say one thing. Saroj says there is no answer to this. We saw you eating. Vikram says I told you its not easy why did you say you can do it. What will your friends think? Anjali fools her family. You have hurt me and tai ji. Shanya says she was fainting. I forced her to eat. She didn’t even drink water. She would have been in hospital. Vikram says you should have told me or not come here if you were feeling that weak. Anjalu says I am sorry. Vikram says apologize Tai ji.

Precap-Saroj says Guru ji said for thee mistake Anjali has to take rounds around shivling 1010 times and with a dia on her hand. Anjali takes the round her hand burns. Vikram runs towards her. Saroj stops him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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