Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid drinks the water. Roli says I am so worried, I feel like something wrong will happen. She saves the flame in temple. She says please take care of sid Mata rani. She says no one did teeka on idol? How is that possible? Roli sees mata ji going out. She says where is mata ji going so late? She follows her. Mata ji is walking in the street. She says mata ji is going toward’s devika’s house. SHe hears simar’s voice. She says how is that possible? Suddenly he sees mata ji is lost. She says where has mata ji gone?
How can she vanish? The sindur slips from her hand.
Sid is unconscious on sofa. The lady smiles at him.

Next morning, simar wakes up in jungle. An old woman is there. She says don’t worry, when mata rani helps troubles are over

simar says you do pooja of this tree? SHe says this tree is like my child. Simar says thank you for saving my life. Simar says i am trying to find truth. If I am successful I will never forget your favor. simar touches her feet. The woman gives her something and says keep it with you. Simar thanks her and leaves.

Sid says roli I am sorry. I hit a girl with car last night. roli says but you could text me and tell me. He says my phone was on silent. Chantu says she was not breathing all night. She says where is nimo? Uma says mata ji is not in her room. Roli recalls last night. Mata ji comes in. Rajhinder says where did you go? she says to jog in the morning. roli recalls mata ji had trouble in walking. chantu says take me with you next time. mata ji says lets do breakfast. She says pari uma send our breakfast to my room.

Simar comes back to her car and starts it. it is not starting. Simr says what should I do? SHe binds the red cloth to steering. The car starts. Simar comes to village.
The little girl is standing there still.
Simar is on her way. Some kids are running on the road around her car. Simar asks a woman I am looking for malti’s house. She drops her pot in fear. She says if you want to stay alive, leave where you came from. simar asks another person about the address. He is shocked to see it and burns it. simar says what are you doing? I have to go there. Man says I did this for your better. You better return from here. Simar asks another man about malti. They run from there. siamr is dazed. she says why is everyone behaving this way? No one answers her. A little girl points at a house.

Prem says to roli I talked to her last night at 10. since then her phone is off. roli says don’t worry maybe there is no network there. Prem says I hope she is not in any trouble. roli says in heart i can’t tell him about mata ji. He is already worried for simar.
A little girl takes simar to the house. She says this looks like something bad happened here. the girl vanishes. simar says where has she gone? An old man comes. She says who are you? and what are you doing here? simar says i wanted to ask about malti. No one is telling me. I want to know who she was. He says they want you to survive. You should go from here. simar says baba please my family is in trouble. I wanna know truth. Baba says she used to live in this house but she wasn’t human, she was a witch. Simar says what. He says yes she used to do black magic, that is why everyone burned her here in this house. And she became a soul. She is roaming around since then. If you want your better then go from here or she might harm you as well. Go from here. Simar says that means it was malti’s soul that is controlling mata ji and making her do all this. But people of village burned her then why is she after my family. What she wants? simar comes back to her car.
She is driving suddenly the little girl falls on her rear window. She starts hitting the window and crying. Simar throws sindur at her. she repels. doctor calls simar. He tells her that guru maa is out of coma. simar say i am coming there.
simar comes to hospital and says thank God you are healthy now. Guru maa says the trouble is there still. your mata ji is in trouble.

Precap-Mata ji is digging in jungle. She smiles at someone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s so boringggggg yar please end this story make some intresting story line up

  2. Hey guyzz.. What is this again a witch i can’t tolerate

  3. Santosh dubey

    Yeh sasural simar ka nahin bhootho ka hai yar,aise stupid se cheeje dikhate hai..hunmm

  4. Why this family’s problems never ends, atleast they should show 1 or 2 happy episodes then start another track, but they get problems one after another continuously

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