Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jatin says roli i am going to give mata ji prashad. Prem says give it to me, i will make mata ji eat it. fake roli says but you.. prem says any problem? SHe says no. prem says give it to me i will rest in mata ji’s room. till then you should serve him breakfast. Prem goes to mata ji’s room and locks the door. He throws the prashad out. Prem comes to mata ji and says don’t worry we know her reality. We have planned everything our roli will be fine tonight and we will kick her out as well. she will be punished. He swipes her tears. prem says everything will be fine.

Fake roli says to jatin i will go out at 8, you have to follow me. he says why? roli says some people will be after me and you will be after them. they have my trunk, i can’t do anything to them till

they have it, i wont leave him when i get it, He says who did this? Fake roli says you have to figure that out. He says okay i will do it. She says i just have to find who is playing this game with me.

Mata ji says in heart help us God. Clock is about to tick 8. fake roli calls jatin and says i am leaving the house follow me. whole family comes back, she is shocked. fake roli says come in. Sujata says why you look worried? prem wonders why they are back home earlier? fake roli says i was bored alone. Pari says why were you shocked, she says i wasn’t shocked. sujata gives prem and roli prashad. Sujata asks uma pari to get the food ready. Pari says i am really tired due to traveling. can you make the food for tonight? sid says yes she will make her special dishes. Fake roli says in heart if i start making food i wont be able to make to to temple. She pretends like she is fainting.

Fake roli is about to faint. Sid says what happened? Sujata says you should rest don’t worry about the food, anyone will make it. Sankalp says the men will make the dinner today. Jhanvi says thats fine. sid says go and start cutting vegetable, i will come after that. sankalp says you have to come. sid says yeah i am coming, i just have to take roli to the room. Sid says lie here. She says in heart sorry i have to go to temple. Sid says i know why you are worried, you wanted to make food for me? you can’t. now you will eat my food. he says be here for one hour no one will disturb you. He kisses her and says good night and sleep for an hour. He leaves. Sid says to anjali and sanju lets go to jhanvi’s room and play there roli is sleeping here. Fake roli turns into a snake and goes down from the balcony. jatin wonders why is she not here. He gets scared when he sees a snake. He grasps a pole and says it will bite me. fake roli says shut up don’t make noise here. He says i saw snake, fake roli says why are you screaming then? he says it could bite me. they dont have any pity, She says shut up and follow me. Jatin wonders where did the snake go? calendar looks at them.

Calendar calls amar and tells him that she has left and she has asked jatin to follow her. Amar says we should take our positions, simar says roli you heard? all our pains will vanish, roli doesn’t respond. Amar says don’t worry she will be fine after some time. He goes out. fake roli arrives at the temple. she goes in. She says loud i am here tell me what i have to do? why have you called me here? amar says in a speaker, step on the stairs, there is a blindfold there. cover your eyes. Amar says don’t try to find us do as i say. He says don’t try to deceive us, we have nothing to do with we just want you to use your powers. you will get your trunk back. she blindfolds her eyes. simar says this is pay back time.

Precap-amar says if you want that trunk, you have to make her better. she is like a living deadbody. roli comes in front of her simar follows her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This naagin drama is coming to an end and can’t they just avoid sids disgusting romantic scenes with that serpent…. cant the naagin find a naag as a partner and leave humans alone??? 😛

  2. waiting fr tmrws epi..

    wat hppns nxt:-/

  3. ohhh is it so that fake roli wanted sid as her love

  4. guys siddanth to accept shruti in sasural simar ka…. but he thinks dat shruti is doing all this…. dont no wen sid accept shruti as real roli…….

  5. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms popular Sasural Simar Ka on Colors, has kept its audience glued to the television screen with its intriguing twists and turns.

    The track is currently revolving around fake Roli as she has created a ruckus in the lives of the Bharadwaj family. While Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar), Aman (Alan Kapoor), Simar (Dipika Samson) and Mataji are aware about fake Roli’s (Sara Khan) evil intention, they are finding ways to get rid of her.

    Our source says, “Fake Roli has kidnapped Shruti (Avika Gor) and has kept her in an isolated place. Thus, Simar will get the clue and will be able to rescue Shruti. On the other and Prem and Aman will visit a Sadhu who will give them some ash which will help to protect them from fake Roli’s power. Thus they will give that ash to fake Roli with a trick because of which fake Roli will become unconscious. Then they will take Siddhant to a temple where Shruti will come in front of him and will try to prove herself innocent. But still Siddhant will not accept her as he feels that it is because of Shruti that all the problems are occurring in the Bharadwaj house. Thus, everyone will try to convince Siddhant and finally he will agree to keep Shruti at Bharadwaj house.”

    Will Simar and Roli be able to throw fake Roli out of the house?
    To know more keep reading the space

    1. Ohh….that means theres a long way to go to see the end of this track considering the pace of their dragging

  6. Draa….gging

  7. Dragging. …. now truth should come out

  8. Haha mehanaz ur absolutely right!! Seriously the sid and fake roli ‘romance’ totally makes me sick >.<

  9. excuse me soumya what you are write is this spoiler

    1. what you wont ask…

  10. Bull shit yaar how long they gona drag the story. Sidhsnt sucks.his romance with naagin is irritating…

  11. Bund karo yr yeh drama…bht bakwss story h….

  12. I think Fake Roli’s naag got killed when the car fell…and she’s out for revenge. It will all end March 2nd.

  13. Bt nw ther s a sangam wit shastri sisterss


  14. Sid and fake roli are really guD n romantic on screen dan original roli

  15. We don’t want sid and that naagins romantic scenes.It’s really irritating.

  16. the episode was good. I hope the plan work what simar doing

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