Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Billo comes down along with boby. Boby says this mask won’t work for many days. She says I will take care of it. Boby says but what will I do here. She says let me know if anything happens here. The courier has come. Its a letter. Khushi is dazed to see it. She tries to read it. She asks boby to read it for her. Boby goes through it and says its written that if you don’t submit the bank slip then the deal will be cancelled. She says who cares. Roli says what are you guys reading. Khushi says they are some office papers. Mata ji Karuna and sujata some along with Sankalp to see him and sonia off. Simar says there is no other chance to understand each other. happy journey. Khushi says mata ji boby is a little uncomfortable here alone. Mata ji says she is part of

our family now we will take care of her.

Scene 2
Sid is getting ready for the office. He is getting late. Roli asks can we go out for a dinner. He says its not possible today I will be late. Don’t wait for me ar the dinner. He kisses her forehead and leaves. Simar comes in and asks roli why is she upset? Roli says look sid doesn’t have time for me. I made his favorite sweet yesterday he didn’t even taste it. Leave it maybe I am thinking too much.

Scene 3
Khushi is happy that they have arrived to Goa. He calls Karuna to inform her. SHe says till we are her can we both switvh off our phone. I just want to enjoy all the moments that we spend here. I wanna make them special. He says I will be 100 percent according to what you say.

Scene 4
Jhanvi is in hospital. A patient is in serious condition. Doctor says it won’t be easy to save him. Another says only doctor arora can do this miracle. A suited doctor comes in the hospital. He asks jhanvi to get an injection ready. SHe gives it to him. He says he have some problem in breathing its common in brain injuries. The patient is saved. The other doctor thanls him for saving the patient./ He says its my work. A sister says to jhanvi you didn’t tell me the case. Jhanvi says I gave extra time. Doctor arora is angry at jhanvi. He says it could take his life.
Doctor is really angry at jhanvi for being distracted.

Scene 5
When Khushi enters the room she finds it all decorated with flowers. Sankalp asks how is it ? SAnkalp says let me tell the phone switch off thing to maa so she can contact on reception. Khushi calls and says to the reception that no one should disturb us. No information of any phone call.

Scene 6
Sid comes home and Prem says I wanna talk about something. Is everything okay between you and roli ? Simar says roli looks upset these days. SHe feels alone. Prem says maybe your work is disturbing her. Sid says yes maybe she is upset because of my routine. I will rectify it right now.

Scene 7
Sid has closed roli’s eyes and takes her somewhere. He has filled entire terrace with balloons.
There sonia is dressed up in a red sarri. SHe says surprise.
Roli opens her eyes.
Sankalpi comes closer to khushi she has decorated the room fro him.
Roli says you think you will get apologized. Why didn’t you marry a file. I made a halwa for you and you didn’t even taste it. He places his finger on her lips.
Khushi says I always wanted a respecting and caring life partner. You have all those qualities. I have a true friend in you and want a true lover now.

Precap- Khushi sees her mask damaging. She calls boby and asks her to come to goa. Boby comes there and says it will take 24 hours till then you have to be without mask.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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