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Sasural Simar Ka 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babu lal say she is that girl. Everyone is dazed. Vikram says is he right anjali? Saroj says Anjali we are asking you something? Anjali says I don’t even know this man. I have never even seen him. Babu lal says I gave you money. anjali says show me the bill? You gave me 10 lacs and didn’t make a bill? He is accusing me. Babu lal says I am not accusing. Anjali says shut up. Saroj says anjali heis an elder. We know him, they are our family jeweler. Anjali says now I get it. This is all tai ji’s game. She called him here. He is narrating her story. She wants to prove me wrong. only tai ji knows the password. Didn’t you want to give me password and I said no.. She is doing anything to prove me wrong. She is accusing me when my parents came home. This is not

coincidence. This is all her plan. Wow tai ji you will keep playing this game. Saroj says you are accusing me. This babu lal is part of your lies. Vikram says Anjali enough. Vikram says babu lal ji how much money you gave for the necklace? He says 10 lacs. Vikram gives him a cheque of 10 lacs and says take it. You may leave now.
Anjali says you proved that I am wrong. Vikram says relax. Anjali says no I want to know whats happeneing here. Tai ji accusing me, tomorrow she will accuse me for a murder. I don’t understand what is she trying to do. Her mentality is disgusting. Vikram says Anjali enough is enough, Vikram says to Prem and Simar I am sorry. Vikram says can you stay quite for some time? She is tai ji don’t talk to her like this. Anjali says after all this you are being on her side and all you people are quite. You are trusting a shopkeeper over me. In laws are never your family. Saroj says I risked everything to make you my daughter. Keep one thing in mind, I didn’t accept my mistake because I was wrong but because I cared for relations. Don’t consider my silence as my weakness. I am silent because I want peace in this house. KB says have you people looked at my doll. I have only seen her crying after marriage. Simar says shut up Khushi. You have no right to speak in all this. Khushi says I just want to say that my anjali won’t ever steal. No matter what happens. Saroj says I am not saying anything like that either. Someone stole it anyway. Anjali says I don’t even have password. Saroj says I am not accusing. Anjali says you are accusing. Saroj says you want to prove me wrong. Anjali says you want to prove me wrong in Vikram’s eyes. Vikram enough both of you. This is my mistake, if I knew that necklace would make this mess. I would never have brought him here. That necklace is not more important than you both. I don’t want these fights. Vikram says to Prem and Simar, mom dad please I am sorry. I don’t know who is wrong or right. Prem says hear your heart and whoever is right for you be on her side. Simar says take care of anjali we don’t know who is right or wrong. When a girl comes to her in laws, her strength is her husband. If it is Anjali’s mistake please tell her that she is wrong but never leave her side. They leave.

VIkram says everything will go like it was. He leaves. Anjali goes to her room and laughs. she says I am Anjali bharadwaj agarwal.
Kb says to Prem I was saying you should ask Vikram to separate from his family. Prem says shut up Khushi. Who are we to say this. Don’t tell this to anyone in the house. KB says you people don’t understand anything. Prem says to simar what if babu lal is right. Anjali stole before. She stole from my wallet and stole from locker when she went to Mumbai. I won’t be surprised if Babu lal is right.

Piyush is in office. His friend says have coffee. Are you still upset? you will find her. Maybe she is around you. They are taking interviews for his friend’s companies. Vadahi comes outside. Piyush says I think I should leave. He walks aside and makes a call. Vadhia comes in office. She sees Piyush. Piyush sees her too.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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