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Sasural Simar Ka 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Patali says tell me where is devika? Patali can’t lose. Devika has to pay for this. Shadow says calm down, she is near. She can’t be safe from you. She is near your answer. Keep moving in that direction you will find her. Patali says i will find her in next 6 hours.

Jhanvi says to pari isn’t it too late for tea. Pari says simar is in the kitchen. simar breaks the glass. Jhanvi and and pari see the glass pieces in the floor.
SImar walks on the glass and nothing happens to her. Jahnvi says did you see it? Pri says nothing happened to her even when she walked on glass.

Patali is flying in jungle. she says once i find her i will teach her who I am.
Simar says to anjali stop playing piano my head hurts. Anjali says but you love it. I made this song for you.
Devika is reading a mantra sitting in jungle. Patali comes there. Devika has her eyes closed. Patali reads her mantra as well. She tries to attack devika but she can’t. Simar says to anjali mama asked you not to play this piano. Anjali says sorry mama. simar says sorry wont work. Anjali says you never punish on saying sorry. Simar says i am not your mom simar now. She picks anjali up and locks her in the closet with piano. Anjali cries. she says please dont do this mama. Simar says no play it here. Anjali says dont close the door.
The real simar in hear screams please someone save my daughter. anjali says mama please take me out. I wont do this again.

Shadow says this protection is around her. You cant harm her. You have to find the black flower and pours its liquor on her. Patali says where i find them? Shadow says they bloom at 1 in the night and for one minute. You have to wait. Patali says I cant wit. she reads her mantra.
Suddenly its dark. Mataji says its an eclipse? I should tell everyone. Mataji says to sujata and karuna to add tulsi in the food.
She asks pari to close all doors and windows. Mataji says ask all kids to sit in one room and dont let them go out.

Anjali is crying in the closet. She screams for help. She says please take me out.
Simar smiles at the eclipse and says who will save you devika? Patali can do anything.

Precap-Patali finds the flower. she says I have found this devika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

We recommend
  1. show some rosid scenes

  2. Agar simar ko kuch ho jaathi tho roli ise bachhani hein na beech mein devika kaha se aayi kabi devika kabi maaya, tho roli ko serial se hataa do na tab serial koyi nahi dekegaa agar roli ko koyi importance nahi tho serial mein kyo rosid ke binaa ssk adoori hein

  3. Hamesha simar ko hi probléma aathi hi hein voh mahaan banthi hein,iss baar simar herself problem bangayi tho roli hi solve karni hena beech mein yeh devika kyo aayi kabhi devika,kabhi maya kya horayye yeh bakwaasa bandh karke roli ko importance deejiye

  4. This written update is wrong the precap is that roli finds anjali and brings her down then she gets scared on seeing simar when prem asks her what happens

    And in the episode Patali gets that flower and ours the liquor around the beeds which is protecting devika

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