Sasural Simar Ka 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem comes and stops Piyush. Watchman says sir this guy.. Prem says I heard everything. Prem says I recognize people in first time. But in your case I was wrong. I asked you to come here because I thought you are a good human. Piyush sir that wasn’t my intention. Prem says a good human knows how to behave with poeole lower than him. Piyush says but sir.. Prem says get out. Piyush says I think he hears one sided story and makes decision. He did the same with my mom.
Prem gets a call and says what? How she got bruise. Sattu says send an ambulance. Prem runs out and says cancel all the meetings. I need an ambulance.
Manager tries but says the ambulance number is engaged. Piyush says I can arrange an ambulance. I can do it for you. Manager says okay. Piyush runs out.

Simar says Anjali sit at one place and eat. Roshni says not Anjali Roshni. Simar says sorry. Its all my mistake. Because of me she has no good manners. That is why she is this way today. Roshni says its neither your mistake nor his. Time will heal everything. Anjali will realize her hatred for you is not right. We are all with you. Simar says I hope thats the case. Now sit and eat.

Rajhinder says where are jhanvi and amar? Let me bring taxi. Piyush comes in and says that won’t be needed. He says in heart I have a big family. I never met them. He enters the house.
Mataji is crying with pain. Piyush says I am sorry. I meant ambulance is outside. Khushi says who are you? He says I came to Prem’s office. Rajhinder says we have to take Mataji hospital as soon as possible. Mataji is about to slip. Piyush holds her. He makes her wear slippers and touches her feet. Mataji caresses his face. Mataji says You have Simar’s manners and Prem’s face. Mataji caresses his face. Mataji says Prem was like this in youth. Will you take me simar? they don’t let me meet her. Sankalp says we should go. Rajhinder says Mataji we have to go to hospital first. They take mataji to ambulance. Mataji keeps looking at Piyush.

Khushi says thank God this mataji left the house for a while. It will be fun when she will stay in hospital. She laughs.

Scene 2
Anjali says Arjun please listen to me. He says you complained in police. I don’t wanna be beaten again. Roshni sees her. Arjun leaves. Anjali says I wasted my time with him. He is useless. Roshni calls Simar.

Doctor says she will be fine soon. He dresses Mataji’s wounds. Piyush is going out. Mataji holds his hand. piyush says mataji you want something? Mataji says can you take me to my simar? Mataji says do you know my simar? You know simar is my daughter in law. She is hurt and mad at us. I don’t know how she is. She knows we are incomplete without her and she is incomplete without her. You know, she is like you. She can’t see anyone is pain. Like you helped me even being an outsider. Simar would do the same. Piyush says you called me son now you are calling me outsider? I am like your great grandson? Mataji says he would be your age by now. My simar’s son. I didn’t even see him properly. simae was so hurt. If you see Simar somewhere. Ask her to come and handle family. Then I will die happily. piyush says don’t say that. Mataji says will you bring my simar to me? Piyush says yes mataji I will. Mataji kisses his hands and says he promised me he will.

Anjali says Shanaya everything is going worse. Shanaya says calm down. Simar touches her shoulder. Anajli stands up. Anjali says what are you doing here? I told you I don’t wanna see your face. Simr says I know you are mad at me. I was helpless at that time. Trust me. ANjali says trust you? You know how important a mother is for a six years old. She needs her 24/7. Kids used to tease me in school and I had no answers. Why you left me? For your son, you sacrificed your daughter. Now when I don’t need you you are here with all your love drama. Don’t do this crying drama in front of me. Is someone’s mother this drama queen? Simar says stop it anjali. This is our family matter. Anjali says since when are you my family? simar says I am your mom. Anjali says you are not my mom. Simar says that won’t change the reality. Anajli throws water on Simar’s face. She throws away the glass. Anjali says are you in senses now? Or do you need one more glass to understand what I am trying to say. Get lost. Roshni says lets go choti maa. She will never understand. Anjali says what are you saying? Roshni says you don’t know what you are missing out on.
Roshni says I wish she was my mother. Anjali says then take her get out of here. Simar and Roshni leave.

Precap-Simar asks Piyush where are you? He says I am city hospital. SImar says I am coming. Piyush says no no don’t come. Prem comes and asks Piyush what are you doing here? Piyush says you staff couldn’t arrange ambulance so I did one. Prem says I was right about you the first time. Simar comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Favour Iniye Tariah

    Wonderful episode, I love ssk

  2. If simar gives tight slap to Anjali, she will come back to senses. I like that cute little Anjali and not this aunty. Simar looks younger than her. And I’m waiting for the moment when sanju enters the show. Hope she’s not a spoiled brat too

  3. where is sanju, nd my hero sid..
    plz yaar unhe to lao show me

  4. plz tell me where is sanju? us perna ka kya hua and sid kya usne series chor dia.? kya socha tha ur kia ho gaia socha tha simar ur roli ki tarah sanju ur anjali ki jodhi hogi..ur forget it.. roli ke jane ke badh pura serial apna charm kho betha hea..I feel bad..

  5. Loved Piyush and Mataji together. I hope when Simar comes Piyush will reveal the truth he is Simar’s son.

  6. Has sonar forgotten she has another daughter Sanju??

  7. After roli went the serial was too boring.. Where is sid,prerna and sanju…khushi once again become evil..I can’t believe .. How this show have high tpr after this type of senseless story..

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