Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
amar tells roli about sid’s arrival at Bharadwaj house. He says rajveer will use sid against his family and prem is his first target. He has asked sid to kill prem. calendar says thank God maya told simar about this plan and simar didn’t let sid stay there. roli says we have to stop it. amar says don’t worry we are there to handle it all. simr says what did everyone says when simar asked sid not to stay? whole family must be bugged with her especially jeju and maa ji? calender says don’t think about all this. What will happen when prem will be conscious and he gets to know about sid.

Uma and pari take nurses to sujata’s room. prem says is maa okay? pari says simar wont let her be okay. because of simar maa’s condition has worsen. Come and

see her condition.

simr says what? prem jeju drank? i can’t ruin my sister’s marital life, its about time that i should tell truth to prem and whole family. amar says please try to understand, we can’t stop sid from serving rajveer. if rajveer gets to know you are alive he will kill sid. we can’t fight with him. calendar says we have to be very careful. Roli says i am really worried for simar didi she must be going through worst.

Prem says tell us what simar did? Uma tells him about aryan and simr asked him to leave. prem says but why did she ask him to leave? uma tells, rajhinder said simar this will get sujata’s condition better, simar says what when she gets to know he is not sid mausi ji said we will see it then, right now we just need her to get better. pari said simar this is too much, we also know what is right and what is wrong. aryan said i think she is right, i dont want any quarrel in your house because of me. i should leave and he left. Rajhinder said please dont do and do us this favor. please stay. mausi said because of you we can save a life. sid left, sujata came and said, sid please stop son. dont leave me alone but he left anyone, sujata screamed and fell there. Karuna said he wont go anywhere, sujata said he has left me already. Sujata started crying, simar said maa please come in. Khushi said simar don’t pretend to care, you sent him from here. mata ji said stop it khushi. Pari said she is right mata ji. Sujata said simar has sid left me? where is my son? She screamed sid’s name. she said i wanna go to sid, rajhinder said in anger, sid has died. the man who left was not our son. Why dont you accept that he has died. Sujata fell on the floor. They all got worried for her. Jhanvi said we have to call doctor.

Prem asks did he look like sid? uma says he was exactly like sid. pari says that i why maa asked him to stop but simar.. prem says why doesn’t she stop doing her own. Doctor says sujata had a minor heart attack, if she has any shock or something she wont be able to bear it. if that man was ready to stay here you should have kept him here. she needs mental support. The matter is really complicated now, my staff is here to take car of her. She leaves. Sid asks rajhinder what you know about aryan? Why he came here? Pari says he told us he is from hariana and came for some work here. prem says where can i find him? jhanvi comes and gives prem a phone and says anjali found this phone in hall. pari says it must not be doctor’s. Pari recalls aryan placed his phone in hall, she says he placed his phone beside landline, this must be aryan’s. Prem asks jhanvi to put phone on charge.

Simar looks at sujata and says in heart i am sorry maa i ma responsible for this. pari says why are you crying simar? everything is happening just the way you wanted. uma says no pari simar cane never be wrong, she thinks she is always right. Sujata takes the mask off her face, mata ji sirs with her. sujata says my sid is here? i am his mom. my eyes await him. i can recognize him very well. she says simar, mata ji please bring my son to me. Until i see him i wont be fine. Please ask simar to bring my son. nurse puts mask on her face mata ji says we will bring him dont worry, he will be home soon but you have to rest right now.

Simar is in temple she recalls how everyone has been taunting at her. mata ji comes and says sometimes you have to go against your family to fight for truth. everyone in this family is against you but don’t give up. The one with true intentions win in the end. mata ji says we are stuck in his plan, we can’t tel family truth. But looking at the conditions, i think we have to bring sid home to save sujata. Simar says but if we bring him home, prem’s life will be endangered. Mata ji is dazed, she says what are you saying? simar says to save ma.. Doorbell rings. Cops come in.
Prem says did you get to know about roli? He says we looked at all expected places but couldn’t find her. when did you meet her last time simar? simar says when she left the home. jhanvi comes with the phone and says it is charged, prem goes out with phone. Simar asks whose phone was that? jhanvi says aryan’s. simar says please get me out of this trouble God, i can’t tell sid’s truth to anyone and can’t let sid come here.

Rajveer says i can’t believe i sent his as sid there but why didn’t they make him stay. What simar said to them? did she know about my plan? Girjesh says i was here and only you, i and aryan have a phone. We can’t tell her. Rajveer looks at maya.

Precap-simar says to roli our situation is really worst. we have to save one brother from another go before someone comes and sees you. uma comes and asks simar who is this girl?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. No use of watching this ssk anymore ..I ave decided to watch all this rubish drama after two months …nothing s going to be positive n no positive energy in this serial …only negative waste gud bye ssk…

  4. This serial is going the wrong way..this naagin and other supernatural elements are too much..wonder how the actors didn’t quit this show with an idiotic story line..

  5. Well of u r not going to watch it or haven’t got any nice comments to say don’t post them it is a seriel they Hav to Hav negarive stuff in it they can’t jus make them live happy all the time

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