Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says you will catch cold. He covers her with his coat. Simar looks at him. They walk downstairs. Simar slips and Prem holds her. Simar stands up. Prem holds her hand and they walk towards the shade. Prem the rain is too heavy no? Simar looks at his hand holding hers. Prem leaves it suddenly.
Prem says in heart love is buried then why couldn’t I see her in rain. Prem gets tea for himself and Simar.

Rohan says to Sumit papa you think Prem and simar will talk to each other? Sumit says they still love each other. Piyush says don’t know where that love is lost. Sumit says sometimes there is dust on the mirror but in time we can clean it and then everything is clear. Maybe same will happen with your parents. The day they realize they are nothing without

each other nothing would stop them from being with each other. Prem says I hope so.

Anjali comes out and looks for Prme. she says dad.. Prem pays for the tea and sits in his car. He leaves. Anjali sees him going. She runs and sits in the car. Prem sees Simar looking for an auto. He stops the car near her. Simar sits in the car. Anjali sees Simar drowned. Anjali says dad turn on the AC I feel hot. Prem says its raining outside its not hot. Anjali says if you don’t wanna turn AC on I will walk out. Prem turns on the AC.

Simar comes home and changes. She has caught cold. Anjali says now she will be sick and she will sleep. I will be free.
Anjali tells khushi about the five judges. Anjali says can I sleep here? Khushi says yes sure. Sankalp is outside. Anjali says thank KB. Khushi says you rest I am coming in a while. Anjali says can you bring me a chocolate shake? Khushi says sure.

Piyush says to Roshni ma’s phone is off. I think I should call landline. Roshni says you know how she is. She won’t share her pain with anyone. She will say everything is fine. Piyush says what should I do then. Rohsni says you should go to bharadwaj house and sees whats happening there. Piyush says good idea. He leaves.

Prem is in his room. He says I hope Simar is not that sick. She was shivering in the AC. I should check.. but then he stops and says what am I doing? Why should I care about her sickness? He recalls Simar shivering. Prem goes to Anjali’s room and sees Simar’s sleeping. He touches her and says she is fever. He covers her with a quilt. Prem goes out and asks raju to bring medicine box. Khushi sees him and says what is Prem doing in Anju’s room. Khushi says to raju go see Anjali. She called for you. Khushi hides the medicine box.
Piyush comes in the house. raju sees him. Piyush says don’t tell anyone. Raju says your mom is really sick. Piyush says I should see.. Raju says Prem is with him and he got meds for her. Piyush says I wanna meet her. Raju says she will suffer. Raju look for meds box. He says to Prem the box is nowhere.
Prem goes in kitchen and takes water and strips. He massages her head with those strips. Piyush peeks in and smiles. Simar holds Prem’s hand in sleep. Prem recalls their old time. He tries to get his hand from her and changes the strip. He touches her and says thank God fever is less. Simar moves. Prem goes out of room. Simar opens her eyes and sees the bowl next to her. simar smiles and says Premwas here? He was taking care of me?

Precap-Khushi says no one will get the breakfast, Everyone asks why? Khushi says raju left the job. SImar says but we have to make something. Khushi says I am not well. Pari says me too. Uma says me too. Simar says I will make something for everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank god at last they changed old logo n kept new one…my blood boils when ever I saw that prerna beside my rolis sid….they should not bring my sid with that prerna back…this is mu only wish

    1. i remember u asking tu to change that logo many days back now finally ur wish came true
      sorry if i am wrong

  2. hi saba !now i will try to comment everyday
    ssk is really doing well these days wish it to again rise to top on trp charts and on colors

  3. want many more premar scenes want piyanju , siyanju and preyush union
    i am a big fan of dipika kakar aka simar is there anyone else dipika’s fan on this page
    note : guys i am not speaking about about simar character but about the actress

    1. Hai sowmya, i’m also the very big fan of Deepi didi. I love to see her as Simar.

      I want more Premar scenes. And i want reunion of bharadwaj’s and Piyanju, Premar, Premsid, for rosid also.

      1. deepi sri its really nice for me to see another dipi di’s fan here
        and yaa ur name relly good

  4. hi guys i have an idea let us all together form a group
    let us start suggesting names for the group we will finalize something very different and innovative name
    from my side i suggest the name PRESIYANJU group prem simar piyush anjali
    if u guys agree with it then we will fix it

  5. Hi guys I am also a big fan of dipi di as simar from day 1epi

  6. Guys any idea about sid whereabouts??????

    1. no idea jaja

  7. hi afiyaaaa nice to see u

  8. Can any tell me why khusi wants take revenge from simar and bharthwaraj family

    1. there is no need actually lekin koyi na koyi tho villian hona chahiya isiliye usse phir se villian banaya gaya hai swetha
      waise hum janthe hai ki khushi property aur ghar ki keys ke liya kuch bhi karegi

  9. hi saba where are u iam waiting for u both in ssk and saathiyaa’s page

  10. Can any tell me why khusi need take revenge from simar and barthwaraj family

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