Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all hear the anklet voice. Simar amar and mata ji they are all up. Simar says i can’t leave sanju alone in room. Amar says what is happening. Amar says someone is doing this in the hall. Simar says i should go out Suand check. She goes out as well.
everyone is in the hall. Simar screams amar.. Amar says why did you scream? Simar says i saw a shadow. It was about to attack you. They turn on the lights. Mata ji says check in the house and make sure all doors are closed. Everyone is scared. sanju is standing on stairs. Simar says what are you doing here sanju? Guru ji comes as well. Mata ji says we have to do something. Sankalp says i looked everywhere no one is here. Amar says there was a window open. Sujata says who could that be? Guru ji says this is worrying.

This is some clue. i would want you to go from here until i figure what it is. rajhinder says this is our house how can we leave it. mata ji says we wont leave this house. No matter where we go it will chase us there. unity is our strength. Simar says mata ji is right.
guru ji says now i will do a pooja that shadow will have to come in front.
Sanjana looks at the painting and smiles.

Sanjana is in kitchen. she hides the spoon, simar comes in and says here is your new doll. It was in your room. Sanju says i couldn’t find it. Simar says now go play with it. Sanjana stops and gazes at amar. She leaves. Amar comes to simar and says sanju.. simar says amar please she is my daughter. I know when she is right and wrong. You are wasting your time doubting her. We don’t have time. It would be better that we try to find the solution.Simar leaves. Amar says in i dont know how to make simar believe that sanjana is not behaving norma. He sees some powder on counter. He says this the ash mohini used to take. What is it doing here? He says how can it come here? He recalls sanjana’s weird behavior. And what guru ji said. Amar says i asked to throw that photo frame out and sanjana tried to harm me. This means sanjana has mixed ashes in guru ji’s tea.

Guru ji is about drink the tea amar says please stop guru ji. He throws away the cup. Mata ji says what is this amar. simar says what is wrong. Guru ji faints after a while. Everyone is scared. Amar says there was ash in his tea. Simar says i made the tea and there was no one in kitchen. Mata ji says take him to hospital. They put him in the car, sanjana smiles at amar and then looks at the painting.
Mata ji says i hope guru ji is fine. Simar says i should call sankalp and ask how is guru ji? sanjana smiles at the painting. Simar sees her. Simar says sanju what are you doing here? Sanju says i am looking at this photo she is so nice. Simar is dazed.

Precap-Amar says sankalp shalu lets throw this outside. Sanju says wait no. It will stay here. She shoves all of them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bkwas..jab se serial start hua hai kabhi b simar ko khush nhi dekha..always now its too much.its height of can they show us this stupid stuf..they are supporting superstitions..serial should have to be banned

  2. It is taking shape like chandramukhi

  3. they are just torturing us mentally..this kind of stuf is ok for one or two its been one year jab se sunaina vikrant ka mater start hua tha tab se ye sab chal rha hai..

  4. ssk: dayan is dead in simar’s house, but the painting frame in her house showing its effects. there is something behind the frame and shows effects on others. it is the soul which is troubling everything. simar calls pandit to know the solution after getting worried about the strange things happening at her house. pandith ji asks them to do matarasni’s jaap. amar acts detective and thinks there is something wrong with sanjana as she tries to scare them with rope.

  5. these bhoot,dayan n nagins dont even exist..n kabhi suna bhi nhi k ye sab actual me kbhi sab na kabhi tha or na hoga..

  6. weeek spoilers:
    23 sep: simar tells everyone that a shadow was going to attack amar, the hermit(pandith) tells everyone that he will perform a pooja next morning for the purification of the house. sanjana is extremely angry.
    24 sep: sanjana is talking to a portrait and goes outside the house. amar is constantly watching her. amar calls simar and tells her to see where sanjana is going.
    25 sep; amar with the help of sattu,shailu and sankalp remove the painting from the house. sanjana stops them from removing the painting. sanjana hugs the photo and simar sprinkles some holy water on her.
    26 sep; sanjana walks out of the room hearing the ghunghru sound. simar tries to stop her and she walks down. the dancer from the photo comes out of the painting and begins dancing. simar is shocked.

  7. i think sanju is possessedby dayan indravathi.. thats why she is doing all weird things.. missing rosid.. bring rosid back soon in ssk..

  8. Am a great fan of ssk..but when they started d story of dayan,I quit watching this serial nd moreover written updates too..but today I thot to read,bt it still disgusting..d same story still rosid no Prem kushi..initially this serial goes now too bad.its nice upto vikranth turn bad nd got arrested.after that also tht naagin story is after that its really waste of tym..

  9. please stop this nonsense track.. show some natural and reality things.. stop this nonsense…

  10. Arundhadhi .. Chandhramuki … Next what … Stupid serial … Stupid writers …

  11. Oh blo*dy bullshit!
    These ppl really testing our patience…pls show snthng that is truatable atleast 10%…writer gone mad i guess

  12. Is this a serial? Omg! Serial started with some other story and now it is…………. Stupid serial. Ban this serial and its winter. Its writer is a. Stupid idiot and a big fool. Writing stories which doesn’t have any logic. Mental writer

  13. Its crap. Mentally retarded writers, producers and actors as well because they chose to act in such a disgusting show. Stop it. Deepika go find a better job. This crap will spoil your career. I think thats the reason Avika,Manish and Dheeraj are shown less as they don’t wish to be part of this crap. Shit. Assholes. Go to hell with your serial. Till this day I thought only Ekta Kapoor is psycho. But lol. Now there are others too who join the league. Its a shame that these serial is even being watched. Its a pity for the viewers and the society.

  14. big fan of dabh

    I decide whether im going to start watching after reading comments so I will definitely. NOT watch this!

  15. plz end this track and show a beautiful romantic love story and premar rosid romance and happy family

  16. I hav been watching ths soap frm the startng. But this kind of Horror n superstitious i dnt want to c. I storngly oppose this kind of stuff in entrtainmnt soaps. Even kids at home r scared by watching ths. All nonsens

  17. Don’t hurt other people feelings and no one need to tell bad about writers or producers. It is up to them to create the serial for who wish to is not good to tell bad.

  18. Missing roli and did in serial

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