Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Simar turns out to be Mata Rani

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tantrik telling Bhairavi that Simar is a devi’s avatar who is staying with them. Bhairavi says mata rani and gets shocked. She asks if she is mata rani then whose skeleton is this. Tantrik laughs and makes the skeleton in ashes. Bhairavi is shocked. Mata Rani tells Shera that Simar gave the ring to old lady and the tantrik burnt that old lady’s skeleton. Shera says you have come to support Simar. Mata rani says she has promised Simar to protect her family. Shera says you have to teach a lesson to Bhairavi.

Tantrik tells that he will fight with Mata Rani and make her captive. Shera says I will end Mahesh’s chapter. Mata Rani says until Simar gets fine, we can’t do anything. Shera says Simar is fine under his protection and asks why don’t she make her alive.

Mata Rani says when right times comes, Simar will be fine. If she makes her alive then her ansh will get in Simar’s body and it will be wrong. Tantrik tells Bhairavi that Mata Rani will be caught in the chakravuy of family life and laughs. He says even Mata Rani have her own reservations. Bhairavi tells him about Simar and Prem’s marriage anniversary tomorrow. Mata Rani hears them and informs their plan to Shera. Bhairavi tells Pari that the woman who is staying as Simar is Devi herself. Pari is shocked and says nobody can be saved now.

Bhairavi asks her to hear her. Pari says now we will go to hell. Bhairavi calls her coward. Pari says she came here to do justice. Bhairavi says you have done sin now and you can’t run. You have to help me and Baba Mahesh to fight with Devi. Pari says if anyone can fight with Devi. Bhairavi says if you don’t help us then I will kill you. She suffocates her neck and asks her to help her. Pari nods. Bhairavi says I knew that you will not leave me and asks her to sleep. Later Mata Rani finds the gift which Prem kept for Simar. He asks her to open and check, wishes her happy anniversary.

Mata Rani says actually I couldn’t bring any gift for you. Prem says you are in my life and that’s enough for me. He is about to hold her face, when Mata Rani sneezes and tells that she caught cold. Prem asks her to rest and tells that he will fill her maang with sindoor. He opens the box and finds it empty. Simar says I will get it today itself. Mata Rani gets sindoor with magic and says only my Simar deserves this. She thinks she has to be careful about today’s night and have to be ready with the answer. Shera pours water on Pari as he ties bucket on to the door. Pari slips and falls down. She thinks I have to support Bhairavi and Mahesh. She pulls his ears and says she will soon kick them out. Pari thinks even I don’t know the plan, but your and your Simar’s Maa’s chapter will end after this.

Mata ji lights the diya for Simar and Prem’s marriage anniversary and asks Tulsi God to fill happiness in their life. Sanjana says we shall give some special gift to them. We thought to get them married again, and then we will keep sangeet performance. Mata ji says it is a good suggestion and we shall celebrate. She appreciates her. Sanjana says it was Bhairavi’s idea. Mata ji says I will congratulate them. Sanjana says we shall pretend as if we don’t know. Mata ji says I will just congratulate them, but will not say about the jashn. Sanjana says ok. Bhairavi thinks she will see how Simar comes out of this and blows diya off. Mata Rani lights the diya and says nothing can happen to their relation until I am here.

Sanjana asks Mata Rani and Prem to exchange garlands. Mata Rani burns the garland. Bhairavi asks them to get married and gives ghatbandhan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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