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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar says to Indra it is more difficult to be a daughter in law than a wife. I have an idea. Indra says what? Simar says after 8 days I have to go away from here. You will be handling this house after me. Why shouldn’t we start preparing for it? Indra nods. Simar gives her the keys.Simar says I give your responsibilties of this house to you like I was given. I would have made mata ji agree for it. You deserve it very well. Sujata says simar.. what are you doing? Simar says i know this is difficult to accept but she owns this house now. Simar says jiji now you have to daughter in law of this house and it would be better for me to forget you. This house will be called sasural of Indra instead of Simar. Indra takes the keys. Simar says this house and all members, they are all your

responsibility now.
Prem says congratulations Indra. i trust you. We should give padma a chance to atone. Indra says are you playing any game with me simar? You would never give this right to anyone. Simar says this was never my right. This has always been yours. I am giving you what has always been yours. You will decide everything related to this house. Indra takes the keys. Prem says very good indra. I am going to rest in my room. Call me when the lunch is prepared.
indra leaves. Sujata says she has trusted you. I hope everything goes fine. Simar says if i lose this i will lose everything. I don’t know how to beat her but I will throw her out of this house.She will be forced to go out of this house.

Indra sees the keys and says simar gave me all the rights. Now maybe she knows she can never mess with me. And prem is already mine. I will be so responsible that everyone will forgive simar. And this house will be Indra’s. They wont ever let me go. This will be mine and prem’s house. All my plans have worked. The day has come that I have been waiting so long for. Simar will go far away from prem.

Everyone is doing pooja. Sima prays for her success. Indra comes in lounge. She is wearing a sari like simar does. She says how do i look? Exactly like you? Simar says you look so good. Indra says none of them would miss you. Simar says I feel so good to see you so happy. But forcefully getting love is wrong. Indra says I think you are forgetting your limits. Simar says no I am saying you are going to start a new life. It would be better that you dont use your magic. Dont do the mistakes i did in past. You have to make relations with this family. You have to forget your evil powers. Indra says you are right. Tell me what will i have to do? Simar says that all women do. Making food and other household chores. Simar says lets start the work. Start from the kitchen. Pari and Khushi will help you. Khushi says yes sure. Pari says yeah lets go.

Rana comes downstairs and says this can be padma’s new trick. Indra says no I agree with her. I want to make your family happy. Khushi says lets go indra. Indra goes with them. Karuna says now she will how difficult it is.

Indra is in kitchen its all messed up. Pari says we have to clean it first. Indra says I will clean it. What is all this for? Khushi says I will explain you everything. Khushi tells her how to lit a stove. She tells her how to operate grinder. She says you people dont do anything, these appliances do it all. Khushi says we dont do anything because simar does all of it. Indra says I can do it better than simar. Pari says khushi its her first day. How will she do it alone. We can help you today. We will get kids prepared for school and you start here. Khushi says all the best and they leave.
Indra starts cleaning. Simar comes and asks khushi and pari why are you laughing? Pari says she is messed up. Simar says i should help you. She tells her how to use stove. Indra says i will do it. Simar says okay and leaves. Simar says in heart i have to do this to save my family. Khushi says simar.. don’t worry about indra. You focus on your work. Simar says indra shouldn’t doubt us. Pari says she wont doubt that we are against her.

Precap-Simar says help me God. I need to know who that woman was. Amar comes in temple. They see something and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. chandrashekar

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