Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli is worried about the press wanting to come in. Meghna wonders why are they not allowing them to come in. Meghan calls the stewardess. Mausi ji and simar are worried as well she asks everyone that press should not come in. Stewardess tells her that soniya madam like media at all. She tells her that soniya is a very rich and respected figure she is not married.

Scene 2
There the is opened. Mata ji asks shalu if he want to do the interiors by himself? He says that i don’t know much about it. Prem and sid will help me. Prem gives some ideas for the decoration of the shop.

Scene 3
Meghna says okay tell media that i will meet them after this function. roli says that i don’t like media at all so i will go from the backward door. Shaureya

calls meghna when she turns to see soniya she can’t find her. Attul tells her that she has left and press in waiting for her. She goes outside and talks to media. Meghna asks attul to learn all about soniya.

Scene 4
Janvi is about them. She wonders what if everyone come before them and all the family enters in. Sujata asks her how is simar now? Pari says how is mammy now? Janvi says she is fine. She tells sujata that simar is alright she is sleeping. Prem says that no she is not fine she never sleeps so late. He is going to see her in the room. He finds simar coming down from the stairs. Prem asks her that how is she now? Simar says that i am fine now. Mata ji asks her to sit along them. Simar asks them how was the pooja? Sujata tells her that everthing was fine. Pari says i am going to se mamma. Simar is guilty about lying to everyone.

Scene 5
Mausi ji says thank God we are safe. Roli says that yes we saw their car and entered from the back door. Mausi ji says we don’t have to work on this much longer. Roli says i wish so.

Scene 6
Pari says to her mom that shalu ji is very innocent. This business is not of his kind. Achna says that he should learn that he should take advantage of what he gets. Go in the battle field only you can do this.

Scene 7
Janvi gives water to mausi jia dn roli. Roli tells her that it all happened as we planned lets see if she remembers soniya or not. She gets a call from attul. She tells her that i am the Secretary of soniya ji. She says soniya is not here she can’t meet here. Attul says that okay then meet me we will work out on agenda of the meeting. She sasy okay. Roli tells janvi that meghna wanna meet soniya but how attul got my number? Mausi ji say that from orphanage. Mausi ji says why you took name of this secretary. Where will we get thi secretary from ? Asks janvi.

Scene 8
Attul tells meghan that he has planned a meeting with secretary of soniya. I will get her information as much as i can. Whose information? Asks shaureya. Meghna tells her that she is a girl so rich in this ypung age i wanna met her. Shaureya wonders who is this di is trying to meet

Scene 9
Mausi ji is angry at roli because of this secretary scene. She says we need someone good to do this. Sijmar says that don’t worry soniya’s secretary will go along her. I know someone who can go? Mausi ji asks who is that? Simar says you, who else. Simar says that you ahev tha cting talent. Roli says yes you will also potent me. Mausi ji says that ovbviously ia m talented and classy but this is serious matter what if she recognizes me? Our family will have to jail ti help us out. Roli says i will change you the way you won’t even recognize yourself.

Precap- Roli asks janvi thats he saw her room’s light on when she woke up to fast for sid. Simar asks her why is she fasting for shaureya after knowing all this? Janvi says he is my husband and as a wife this is my responsibility.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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