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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaitan says her soul will be under my control. I will do my real attack then. He laughs.
Simar tells the family everything. Simar says he has hidden our roli somewhere. Tantrik says did you find that pen and paper? simar says yes here it is. Simar says baba can you kill him with this? Please help roli. He says simar I know that this is his weakness but I need time to learn how to use it against him. Simar says my roli is near her death please do something. Baba says we will try. Choti dulhan says we can save roli di. Simar says how? She says we have to reach her. Prem says how will we? She says I can feel where she is. Mata ji says take us to her. choti dulhan says follow me.

Malti says this is not right. What if she takes them to roli? Shaitan says this is my game

and these are my pawns. They will reach a wrong destination. In simr’s eyes she is going to save roli, in my eyes chandan maani is coming towards me. He laughs.
They follow choti dulhan in jungle. Madhvi follows them as well. She throws stone in their way. A storm rages on. Baba says he wants you to stop. Simar says we will cross all these hurdles. Let move.

Roli is cooking, she says a lot of time has passed. I should go home once this is cooked.
They come near a desert. Amar says where is the house? Choti says its here but we can’t see it.
Roli sees that man and says you have come. I was about to leave. He says I took a lot of your time. roli says take care. He says I can’t this lonliness kills me. but dont worry. I have called my mausi. She must be coming. till then.. no no you have done enough for me. I can’t ask you to stop until she is here. Roli says when is she reaching? He says very soon. He says thank you so much.
Baba says we can see shadow of the house. its here. Simar says how will we go in if we can’t even see it. Simar says let me call roli. She calls phone rings from near her. Simar says that means she is here.
Roli picks the call, shaitan blocks the network. simar says someone picked the call.
Roli says let me try near window.
Baba reads a mnatra. the house appears. They all see roli. she waves but they can’t go in. Simar says there is something circling it. Sid looks back to see who is roli waving to? No one is there.

Shaitan comes there. Sid says don’t even try harming roli. He attacks sid. He says it will take me a second to kill you. You are alive because more than your death your life benefits me. anyway wont you come in to meet roli? he disappears. Simar says in heart this can be a trick but we don’t have another option. She says stop everyone. I sid and prem are going. Rest stay here.
Simar roli prem and choti duljan come in. Shaitan says welcome to my house. You are my guests. Dont’ you wanna see roli? A bucket appears. They see roli in it. roli si talking on call. A man come behind her. Roli hangs up her call. Shaitan says I am there and here as well.

Precap-The man says to roli you look worried go wash your face. Roli is about to wash. simar says that teeka will vanish this way. Please stop this. I will give you maani.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Telenovelas Indien

    If the stupid channel doesn’t want to end the show then the producers are clearly avoiding a major leap.Since last year till now all supernatural plots.They don’t know what to do and how to make a better story. Since the show name is based on SIMAR they dont know how to introduce a child character name simar to get a leap where all the current characters will not be seen.Since Avika will be replaced by another, the charm of Roli n SIddhant love will never ever be the same.Frankly the show is survived by them. I wonder how the show is always among the top ten list?The last episode of Avika will be the last time i will read written update and watch the show.On the other hand its good she left it.There is no progress at all.However will miss ROSID!

  2. Really utter stupidity worst TV show.

  3. stupidity

  4. They should change the serial name from Sasural Simar ka to Sasural Chudilaon ka…..the most bakwaas and stupid serial.

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