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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says once maa is out your family’s end will start. Simar says mata ji, maa, papa.. rajveer says why are you calling them? they are already worried. Sujata says what happened simar? rajveer says she can’t tell you, simar has accepted her defeat. Everyone is dazed. Rajveer says once maa is out, i will be worst with you. You name shall vanish forever. He says you are showing your eyes even after losing. simar says what is happening to you is the consequence of you evil deeds and our good. You think that we deceived your maa, and sent her to jail. no the real plan was to trap you in our game. You should have read the papers once before signing but you made the same mistake that prem did. you started the game to we had to end it. Maya says we should tell him now. Simar

says the papers you signed were not of mausi ji’s bail but they were our property papers that you signed in all your senses. Rajveer is taken aback, khushi says how can we accept that it is true? I mean how you did this? simar says we did the same with him that he did with us. Btw rajveer you must remember you gave us 20 minutes to save our property. We would do the same, i give you 20 minutes, go save it if you can. Rajveer calls the lawyer but no one receives the call. He breaks the phone in anger. Simar says oh he is not picking up the call? He is on our side. and we have not bought him, he has seen what is wrong and what is right. When he got to know your reality he decided that he will be on the right side. Let me tell you 2 minutes are already wasted, you have only 18 minutes left. rajveer says i wont leave you alive. he comes to attack simar, maya throttles him and hand him up in the air. Maya says you don’t have your mom, nor this house neither do you have my maani. You gave it to rajeshwari no? Maya says did we shouldn’t waste more time, we should kill him right now. simar says no maya don’t kill him. It will be an easy end for him. i wanna do the same to him, that he wanted to do us. He likes to kill people slowly, we will kill you in episodes. Maya shoves him away. Maya says she saved you, this wont happen next time, you have only 20 minutes left. Rajveer says i can’t let you win, simar says that is what you think. We can see our triumph close.

Rajveer goes running out and sits in his car. the car doesn’t start, he opens the bonnet, amar comes and says no matter how hard you try this car wont start. I took out this part of its engine. Rajveer says i wont leave you.. amar says you have no time to fight with me. He is about to hit amar, prem holds his hand and starts beating him. prem says you are standing at the place i was. You will run to save your all, like i did. Prem says you created misunderstanding between me and my wife i wont leave you for that. Prem says go run faster than time, save it if you can. You have only 10 minutes left, run. Rajveer starts running.

Rajeshwari gets up from the floor and says what happened to me? how did i fell? this never happened before. She asks ram lal to come in. Rajveer says only 6 miutes are left. He stops a car, he is dazed to see who is sitting inside.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. upcoming premar part ways.. kidnaping drama in ssk sanju,anjali kidnapped…
    guys what you think who will kidnaped both sanjana, anjali… is that “”” rajveer and mj, rajkumari, maya, amar and calender or any new entry vamp… or KUSHI””” what you guessing whio will kidnap them..
    its again oneproblem in roli&simar life… rosid and premar how they find out them.. how rosid findout their niece… we have to see in upcoming episode… eagerly waiting to see who kidnaped them..

  2. Wow gr8 simar…

  3. Welldone simar ?

  4. Wats the precap. ..?? Is there was no precap

  5. really superb episode.but i dont like precap.who will save rosid from rajkumari ????

    1. Wats the precap pragna

      1. precap is roli hides in a curtain.and she watch rajkumari going to one room.roli tells that to sid and that police.they 3 goes to that room but rajkumari will not appear to rosid.she hides in mirror.and thinks that they (rosid n police) cant find me.because she is invisible.that is precap.

  6. Todays simar rockzzzz…. Nice episode……and sandya frm were u got tis news yaar…..

  7. Yuvi (Aviman)

    Nice epsd guyzz..simar rockzz..

  8. guyz for the last part rv sees simar in the car and is dazed to see her

  9. Thank u pragna for the precap n thanku riva for completing the update..

    1. ur welcome shabbu

    2. no need of thanx shabbu

  10. So cute barun pic pragna

    1. thankyou shabbu

  11. Rock simar.

  12. Its nice.Wats nxt after rajveer&rajeshwari plz do some interesting episodes.Will ssk is going to end?

  13. Always cute simar. Always bwaj family and rosim has many woes.

  14. Nice episode…

  15. supb episode bt who had kidnapped anjali nd sanju?? oh god plz save roshid nd simar

  16. Finally rosim rocks?

  17. Yuvi (aviman)

    Guyzz hw r u inserting smiley aanyone tell me guyzz..plz..

    1. From google u can download smiley Keyboard yuvi …
      In ur Keyboard itself it will be yhere.. U just have to search it!!! ?

  18. nice episode and plz do dont end this show

  19. Thanx shabbu i ll try yaar..i thnk u all r having watsap acount fr dis website….once again thnx shabbu

    1. U r welcome yuvi

  20. 🙂

  21. 😉 😛 :'(

  22. Mm..k shabbu.. :-D. >:{

  23. I love simar

  24. Who is going to kidnap her daughters? Where did you get that information from?

  25. ☺??????????????

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