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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says maa I trusted you more than own my mother. I loved Mataji more than everything. I loved everyone in this house and you.. I considered you Roli with all my heart. And you left me too prerna, you can never be her. She is not here that is why I am so alone. Sujata says you are never alone, we are all with you. But this child.. We can’t be on his side. Simar says this child is part of me, I gave birth to him. If you can’t accept him, how can you be with me? Sujata says it is difficult for us too but we don’t have another option. Because of this child my family is in danger.. Simar says your family? Is this family not mine now? Am I not related to anyone now? whenever this family was in trouble, i protected them all. I risked my life every time. Now when I need

you, all of you left me. You are asking a mother to abandon her child? Is this child a devil or what you all are doing is pure evil? Simar says are you seeing God? Is this the same house where we always promised to be with each other. These are same people who were proud of me. How can they do this God? Prem says enough. Don’t ever says that we dont want better for you. Simar says separating me from my child is better for me? Prem says you won’t know because you didn’t feel how I felt when doctor said if the child or you should be saved. I chose you and I always will. This child is dangerous for all of us. And for safety of this family and sanju and Anjali we have to give up this child. Simar says I am ashamed to be your wife today. I never dreamed of this. This is the first time I came to this house with my child and no one even congratulated me. I haven’t even seen him properly and you want to take him away from me. I am ashamed to be part of this family today. What you thought? I will forget my child? You were all wrong. He is my child. I carried him in my womb for nine months. You can’t feel it. But maa you know it. Khushi you don’t know what being a mom is like? Pari bhabhi don’t you know? Mataji you? Why are you doing this? Mataji says don’t say so bitter things. God knows, if it was in my hands, I wont let this happen but I can’t see my family in trouble. Pardon me. Simar says I am not helpless. You people told me your decision. You are making me decide between myself and my child.. I choose my child. Prem says simar.. Simar says you have proved we both don’t matter for you. For me this child is important as sanju and anjali. Give me my child back. Prem says I won’t. Simar says give me. Prem says I won’t. Simar breaks a glass and says give me my child or I cut my hand. Mataji says prem please give her child. Prem says are you out of your mind. Simar says you are out of your mind. You are giving up to circumstances. Prem says I am not giving you this child no matter what happens. SImar says you have made so many mistakes and I overlooked them all. But that was your wife, today you are challenging a mom. Give me my child or you will see my dead face, simar cuts her hand a little. Prem screams no.. Mataji says give her the child. Simar takes her child. Simar kisses it. Simar says you all are scared of him? You think he will be a trouble? I will leave this house with him. You all can live with your family here in peace. Simar says lets go anjali and sanju. Prem holds her hand. He takes anjali and sanju from her. Prem says you have lost us by choosing him. Simar sits in the temple crying. Simar says give me power that I prove them all wrong.
Simar walks out the house. Prem turns his face. Simar recalls her moments in the house.
She looks back and leaves. Simar locks the gate herself. Mataji is crying. Prem cries holding the door. Simar is also crying outside the house. Sujata tries to console Prem. Prem stands up and says I hate you Simar.

Precap-After six years, Sujata says sid called from London and said he signed a contract. Mataji says so what? Can I do breakfast now? Prem asks amar what happened? Amar says I am trying. Prem says what does it worth when there is no outcome?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Seriously today ssk made me cry ! Prem n simar’s emotional acting…. wow it was superb bt want premar reunion soon n don’t want another surbhi or vikrant !

  2. Today episode was emotional been a mother I can understand simar,the family she always put in every decision of life betrayed her and abandoned her even her husband, calling her a devil wow baraduwaja family what a betrayal, and I hope that the writer will make simar so strong to raise her her son to be a child every mother will be proud of and put her family to shame and the themselves will be the one to the raise the real devil themselves.

  3. Atlast simar feels roli today…prerna is so selfish she doesn”t supports today for simar…but roli always supports her sister…noboby cnt replace roli…worst prerna she always acts as concern for simar…but today simar sees her true dare simar she told tis worst prerna is like roli…after leap worst prerna is b wife for sid…i dnt tolerate…

  4. Ufff atlast simar remembered her sis today….never xpectd this from her….n she told to prerna…she vl never becum roli. Yes she can’t. Hope did realize that no one can take his roli place…bt can’t do anything…6 yrs leap…he marries prerna…who know may b he becum father too….I heard ask slot is going to change…hope its trp goes down..n vl air off like bv…can’t bear this crap more

  5. Please don’t make sid as simar realised that prerna can be roli. ..sid should also realise that

  6. This is the true face of baradwaj family. Those stupids and idiots never deserved simar and roll who kept their lives at stake for that selfish family. The only outcome simar got from that family is Roli death and her baby getting Name as devil. Simar now you must live for your only child and raise him and give a tight slap to that shameless people. I know you will

    1. Bhardwaj family is just afraid like all normal people about devil.what would you do in fictional position like that

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