Sasural Simar Ka 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says mohini prem wants to talk to you, he awaits you in the room. Mata ji say sunanda i want to talk about amar and mohini.
Prem says in heart amar has hoped for something for the first time i will do anything to get him what he loves. Mohini comes in and places the in prem’s direction. Mohini says to prem simar said you wanted to talk about something important.
Prem says amar is like my brother, he has all the qualities a girl looks for. You don’t know him that well I know. But you are free to decide. I am sorry if you mind. Mohini says no I feel good that you asked me in person. Just for once listen what I have to say.

Mata ji says sunanda ji I know you must be worried for you daughter, but amar is a really nice guy, he is like our son. I am

asking your daughter for my amar. Sunanad says in heart we are witches we have nothing to do with these wedding and all. sunanda says I need to talk to mohini about this. Prem comes in and says mohini has given a nod. Mohini says to sunanda if these people are saying amar is good for me then he must be. I have decided after thinking, simar says you will never regret it. Aunty please say yes now, sunanda says when mohini is happy how can I say no. Mata ji says many congratulations.

Later sunanda says to mohini what is all this? mohini syas we need to stay in this house, till the time come we will be done with our work. Sunanda says I don’t think this is good for us. Mohini says don’t worry nothing will go wrong. At least trust this witch.

Thakurain tells sid and roli that mohini and sunanda are witches. sid says don’t blame them for your sins. Thakurain says they kill people for their powers. roli says can you prove this? Thakurain says no but give me a chance. If I fail to prove then give me whatever punishment you have. Inspector says I think we should give her a chance before deducting something.

Mata ji asks amar are you happy? He nods. Sunanda says to mohini they are happy for their destruction. Lets make this more fun. Uma says amar look who is here. Simar gets a call from roli, roli says go to a side I wanna talk about something important. Simar asks what is it? Roli tells her everything. Simar tells her about mohini and amar’s hitch up. roli says what will we do now? simar says we can’t trust that tahkurain. roli says but we need to be assure, this is about amar’s life as well. I think we should give thakruain one chance, simar says bring her here.

Simar tells prem everything. Prem says she is lying, simar says but we need to be assured. Prem says amar is so glad you shouldn’t have called thakurain here. Amar says no simar is right prem. My hitching up is another thing but we have to know it better. We have to test mohini once. Prem says amar relations are bound with trust. Amar says this is important for this family. We should test mohini. One doubt can make my life difficult? Mohini comes in and says what difficulty? Amar says without you my life would be difficult.
Mohini says I will make something for the kids. simar says I will help you. mohini says you must be tired, I will do it. simar goes out.

Precap-thakurain says these are witches, they can’t go to temple. This will prove that they are the witches not me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk and swaragini maha episode bring big revelations:
    as per source mohini will take final step to execute her plan of taking prem along with her forever. she will kidnap prem and hide herself along with prem in swara and ragini place house in kolkata as ragini also given her contract to stop lakshya and swara marriage with her black magic.
    our source further continues but the twist in the tale will be that simar will learn about mohini ‘s plan and will head to kolkata where she will bumps into swara . swara will decides to help simar in finding prem. and while doing this swara will came across the most shocking fact about her sister ragini.
    at last the good will triumph over evil and simar with the help of swara will succeed in saving prem from dayan. but the entire incident will leave swara shattered.
    will swara sacrifies her love for ragini. ??? will pratyusha’s stint to end on the show?

  2. in tmrw or satday episodes again thakurayin will go to jail mataji calls cops.. and mohini kidnaps prem and sunanda tells they want to go to her hometown. amar helps rosim to free the thakurayin and mohini comes to know amar is helping them… simar came to know mohini truth and thwn wat about thakurayin is she helps the family or not after freeing from jail…

  3. black cat attacks on police and sujatha in upcoming 2days episodes.. 27 and 28 maha episodes of ssk and swaragini..

  4. Oh wow so truth is gng to com out…..thanq sandya….

  5. I agree good and Godly powers will always wins over evil… but all the time they are showing negativity and wicked minds in this serial… even a simple marriage is going in vain! Anyone can tell any gud thing dat happened in ssk smoothly without any disruptions or negative elements??? We viewers are longing to see an episode of
    good moments sans negativity….

  6. Woww amar.!! Even though he loves dat witch he is ready to test her for the safety of bharadwaj’s family.! Really superb guy!!!!!

  7. Geetha Mohanraj

    Amazing episode…thank you tellu updates for ur greatbjob..,

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