Sasural Simar Ka 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Prem are in front of each other. Prem is in tears and so is Simar. he is about to touch her but he stops.
Khushi comes to Roli’s room and says look I brought this sweet for you. Roli says tell me what is it for ? Khushi says you know everything. Roli says tell me whats the good news. khushi says you didn’t tell me. Simar bhabhi is alive. Roli is shocked. Khushi says I couldn’t believe my eyes but when I saw you with her I realized that its truth. just imagine how much happy will everyone be. Why didn’t you tell Prem ? I know you must be shocked to see her as well. Don’t worry at all. I called prem and told him about prem. He was sounding so happy. He must have reached Ahmedabad by now. Surbhi comes there and says we have to change this

sari. why you both look so tensed ?

There prem says i have been without you for two years. My heart never believed that my simar was not in this world. When khushi told me that she saw you here in Ahmedabad i believed her abruptly. He is about to hug her. Vikran comes and says who is this sunnaina. Karthik and baa come as well. prem says you didn’t miss me in all these years ? Never thought about Anjali ? How would she live without you ? Why you didn’t tell us that you are alive. What are you doing in this city in this house ? Who are these people ? Simar is about to say something but she recalls vikran’s words. SAnju says mama who is he ? vikran says how dare you to talk to me like this ? Prem says she is my wife simar bharadwaj. baa says what is he saying ? prem says we live in dehli. Cops found her car down the cliff. Everyone thought that she is dead. Vikran says stop is she is my wife sunnaina. Prem says i am not here for useless talks. She is my wife. Vikran says don’t mess with me and my family. I am the greatest lawyer of this city. prem grunts she is my wife. What is this sunnaina? SHe is simar bahradwaj. Sanju says mama i am so scared. Simar says nothing has happened sanju lets go to our room . Prem says stop simar i know you are living here out of some difficulties. I will make everything all right. Simar turns back and looks at prem. Prem says i will take you from here tell me what is the truth. Simar goes to the room. Vikran says I know all the laws that’s why I am quite. Before I take any action against you leave my house. He shoves prem out and locks the gate. Baa says what’s going on in this house.

Roli says we were wondering where should we shop next. Surbhi says you are right. You should go and check the saris while me and khushi will make the list. Roli says you should have asked me before calling prem. prem calls roli and says why didn’t you tell me that simar is alive. khushi called and told me that simar is alive. When i came here siamr denied to recognize me. What is happening. Simar is living far away from her family. Tell me whats happening, you know the reality. He says okay i have to call the family. Roli says don’t do that. Stay there i’m coming to you. Prem disconnects the phone. Roli says in heart i’ve to talk to him. Roli says to khushi stay here with surbhi i’m going to bring prem here. Khushi wonders what’s going on. Roli meets aditi downstairs. She tells aditi that khushi saw me and didi together. She told jeju the truth. He came here and even met simar here. If he finds the truth he won’t let simar live here for a moment.

Precap-Roli says didi check what’s in locker of vikran’s study. Simar sees the photo of sunnaina in his locker. Aditi asks roli to go to simar. Simar is in tears. She hugs roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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