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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem fills devika’s hairline and makes her eat. He makes her wear the red chunri. Simar sees all this she is dazed. Prem sees her. He says Simar listen to me. Simar says no. She starts walking backwards. Prem and devika go after her. Prem says please listen to me. I will explain everything. Simar goes towards stairs. Prem says please watch out you will fall from the stairs. Devika says please stop her she still has some of gaitri’s powers in her. Prem says please listejn to me. Simar says don’t come near me. Simar goes in hall. Simar says stop right there. She sits there in tears. Simar says you have decieved me Prem. Why you did this to me? And you devika, I called you my sister and this is what you gave me in return. When your own family gives you bruises they

never fill. What have I done that this happens with me always. She cries. Simar breaks a vase. Prem says it will cut your hand. Devika says please stop her if her anger takes over her she will be out of our hands hands. Simar says I am not going to die. I wont harm myself. The one who has done this sin has to die. She throttles Devika. Prem comes near she stops him with the vase. Devika says listen to me. SImar says you are a liar. I wont listen to you. Devika says listen to us please. SImar says Prem is only mine. You will go away from this house and this world. She is about to stab devika. Prem holds her hand.
Simar says you have defending her. I got your decision. I should die now. she cuts her hand with the vase. Prem grasps her. She says go away, she shoves prem. Prem hits his knee against the table. SImar runs upstairs. Devika says please simar.. Prem says don’t go near her devika. She is in anger she can harm you. Simar starts hitting her head against the wall. Prem can’t stand up. Sid comes in. He stops simar. Simar says let me die. Devika has taken my prem from me. I should I die. Prem slaps simar.

Prem says you wanna know truth? He drags her to temple. He says I promised you in front of God that I will always be yours. simar says I have seen everything with my eyes. You promised to be mine. Do you remember or have forgotten? Prem says I remember it very well. Simar says I don’t wanna think of anything. She leaves.

Simar runs out of the house. Mataji and everyone is coming, they see her running.
Simar runs. Mata ji says where has she gone. Mata ji says why was she crying? Devika says she saw us. She knows everything. Everyone is dazed.
Devika says simar is still wearing that thread. Gaitri can’t do anything. Prem and sid go to find her.

Simar is walking alone. she sits on stairs. She recalls it. She says how can you dot this to me. Gaitri comes and says devika has done all this simar.
Simar says how you know.. Gaitri says when hearts are connected people get to knwo about each other. A man told me about devika that she is a cheater. she wanted prem so she fooled you. Simar says why you didn’t tell me before. gaitri says i just got to know. I came to your place but devika stopped me. She said you wont trust me.
So I went back. Now all truth is in front of you. The pooja, she bound this thread on your hand and on everyone’s hand.

Pari says what should we do. Lohri starts. Mata ji says this fire of lohri burns all the evil powers. We have to do this pooja for them.
Simar says to gaitri but this is pure thread. Gaitri says you have to decikde what to do. Do you want devika to win?

Precap-Simar goes to patal lok and sits on patali devi’s throne.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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