Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd January 2013 Written Update

family is dicussing how sid is going to bear this pain. comparing how khushi betrayed them but roli..they didnt expect this from her. and simar listening. Uma saying pari roli keeps on changing her colors…and sid comes in and listens to this and is hurt. and they see him and says SID. Sid comes in .. and mataji says sid u r ok and sid says yes..i have to go to conference for 3 days…and mataji says we are all with u. i will tell sujata to pack ur clothes. now wash ur clothes ur fav food is cooked. we were all waiting for u. and sid says i have already eaten u all eat..and goes away. and simar thinking i cant bear to see sid pain i have to stop him but how. Simar thinking what should i do…how will i find out what is the truth. and simar looks at god and prays…to show her to way of finding the truth. and God appears and tells her to look for the truth in her own ppl. simar has flashbacks and thinks masi knows all truth.

Simar comes to masi and and says thank you…and masi says why…and she says to give roli ur support. i know everything. simar says i know my roli can do this..and i m proud that she is my sister. and masi says u found out about our plan…and simar says yes…and thank you very much. roli is sacrificing so big for family and masi takes simar with her and tells her not to tell anyone about this. our plan against veeru and khushi is working. and masi tells the whole plan of her veeru and roli and property papers and khushi. and simar is crying…and masi is shocked but understands that simar didnt know anything. simar says no…i didnt know that my roli is so big now. simar is crying a lot now. simar tells i want to know the whole truth. masi says i will tell the whole truth..but dont tell anyone. and masi tells her everything. simar says i knew it.. my heart always told me that roli cant be wrong. but masi..why didnt u tell the family…and masi says roli told me no as she thought u wont let her to these things. masi says roli sacrificed everything for our family. I wasnt able to do anything but i help her. and simar says i wont let anything happen to Roli. Masi says when the family gets everything…Roli should also get all her things back..her family…her love. and simar says it will happen.

Precap – simar claps and roli looks and simar says for the good of the family u are making big plans and not even telling me…and roli says what plan didi..and masi comes and says simar knows everything.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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