Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says that village is near, she is driving. her car suddenly stops and her battery is down as well. Simar says what should I do now? Someone stamps a hand on her window. Simar is scared. Suddenly simar sees a small hand on the other window. she hears someone crying. She looks in the mirror, its the same little girl. Simar looks back, the little girl is on backseat. The car starts itself. Simaar says save me someone. she tries running out. The door opens simar runs out.

Mata ji is eating grapes. She says where the hell is simar? Pari says her friend is coming from Mumbai, she has gone to meet her. Mata ji says you all are crossing limits. She went out to meet friends. Do you have any manners? She grasps Karuna’s arm and says tell me truth has she gone to her friend

or is there some other drama? Karuna says you know simar doesn’t lie.
Mata ji’s friend comes in and says nimo you are here, I have been looking for you. Mata ji says lets go to room, we will gossip. Roli says thank God. I hope simar gets done with what she is there for.

Simar is running in the jungle. She comes near a temple. The little girl is behind her.
Sid drops the lady at an old house. She says thank you for dropping, people like you are rare. He says I just wanted you to go home safe. I should leave now. She says no.. we don’t let our guests go like this. Come in. Sid goes in. She says sit here, I am coming in a while.
The little girl extends her hand. simar reads a mantra. Simar comes in the temple and little girl disappears.

Roli calls sid, his phone rings in the car. She says where is he? Why is he not picking. Chantu comes and asks what happened? You look worried? roli says no not much. Chantu says I am like your mom, you can tell me. If you feel like you can tell me. Roli says sid is not even back and he is not picking the call. Chantu says he must be stuck in work don’t worry, he will come back.
Sid sees a sculptor, he is about to touch it. The lady comes and gives him a glass. sid says when you came? I didn’t see you coming. She says you were busy in checking my house out. He says your house has a good interior. It looks old though. She says its centuries old, like me. Sid says what? You don’t look that old. She says don’t trust eyes. They lie sometimes. Sid says how you know my name? She says your memory is weak, you told me in the car. Sid says I? He says maybe I did. Whats your name? She says water, you were thirsty. Sid says thank you. he says kill your thirst.
Simar says thank you mata rani. I don’t know how else could have I saved myself.

Roli suddenly drops off on table, the glass slips. she says its too late. This is not a good sign. Where is he? I am so worried.

Precap-Roli sees mata ji going out. She follows her. She says I will find out what mata ji is doing. Mata ji says from inside house roli.. Roli is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow.. atlast some rosid track is there in this super natural thing… okay.. so now that lady wooing sid and here roli is worried for sid and simar for mataji and both rosim worrying for family..want old rosim bond who saves family from all troubles…. hope avika not leaving the show… is there any news that avika is leaving the show?

  2. Officially her contract ends dis month and she is likely to quite.she has been roped in gv prakash tamil movie .i have 50 percnt hope that she will stay

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