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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Calendar says i wrote that letter on newspaper so she can’t recognize our writing. Fake Roli reads the letter we have your trunk and we know your reality that you are a snake. do as we say, other wise we will diminish your trunk. come to temple and do something. Don’t try to act smart or we will ruin it, if you agree to us then crumple this letter and throw it away. Fake roli does it. Amar and calendar are watching her. She says this means they are seeing me right now. Calendar says she threw it. Fake roli looks everywhere in the house but can’t find anything. Amar says now we will make her do all we want. FAke roli goes out and sees amar and calendar disguised and sardars. She goes after them but sid comes and says where are you going roli? She says i am coming in a moment,

when she looks back they have disappeared. fake roli says i would have caught them if sid didn’t come. Sid says what are you thinking? SHe says lets go in, pooja is left. Amar says stay here and keep an eye on her. and be careful, don’t do anything that could risk your life.

Sid says to roli why i felt like you were looking for someone? Fake roli says i wanted to buy bangles. he was going from here. Sid says you should have asked me. i will bring when i come back, She says where are you going? He says i am going to office its important. She says i have to to do pooja. he says you do pooja, i will come soon. He says where did this yellow thread came in my wrist? Roli says i tied it when you were sleeping after pooja. sid says you never trusted all this. She says i time changes everything. since i lost you i trust in everything that ties us. sid says please forget that car accident, it was past. your sid will always be yours. She says okay keep this thread with you. Even we wont be able to break out bond.

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Simar says if she gets to know our reality she wont leave us. She will use her hypnotize to find the trunk and will kill us all after that. she had a doubt on me that is why she came to hospital. Simar says look at what she has done to mata ji, sattu and roli. Amar says she is right prem. Calendar saw that mr varma and fake roli were making mata ji eat that medicine and they brought it in parshad. simar says she is very dangerous, please understand. prem says okay, simar says you have to do the most important part of our plan. you have to bring sid to shiv temple anyway. you have to show him that she is not roli. she is a snake, this all should look like a co-incident so she doesn’t doubt you. amar says if this plan fails we will all die, simar says no amar we can’t fail this time. I wont make any mistake. Simar says she has completed one vidhi with sid, we have to keep sid away from her. Prem says yes.

Fake roli says who can it be? Simar and prem are in hospital. roli mata ji and sattu are not well. mausi ji is in jail, amr has died. jatin comes in and says you called me madam? Prem comes in, jatin says i brought parshad for mata ji. fake roli says jeju should i bring you tea? Prem says no i will rest. Jatin says let me give this prasshad to mata ji. Prem says give it to me, i will make her eat. fake roli says but.. prem says any problem? She says no. prem takes the box and goes to mata ji’s room. Prem says okay go take your breakfast.

Precap-prem says don’t worry mata ji, we know her reality now. We have planned how we will expose her. fake roli tells her plan to jatin. She opens the door to leave for temple and is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ughhh nothing special in today’s episode…hope this plan works and would be the end of the icchadaari naagin drama.

  2. I hope tis nagin story should end tis week

  3. I don’t think so because they had posted a holi sangam promo for 2nd March ,fake roli was there in the promo with Simar. It means the temple plan might fail in some case that only the real roli will be cured by the snake in the way that her reality doesn’t exposed to Sid.

    1. Hey yasmin.. did you mean to say that the naagin will cure roli??

  4. Yeah there is a holi episode..
    How long they are gng to drag this without knowing the reality of her

  5. I think so mehanaz because how long they will drag Like this. Moreover right from the beginning both the sisters together will solve all the problems na .so that I guessed in that way.

  6. Does any of u have the link to the holi promo? I would like to see it please…

  7. On mahasangam fake roli will be exposed in front of whole family don’t worry just chill

  8. simar ka ye plan fail hota hai kya?/or prem wil take sid to temple, sid wl get to know truth? tel me

  9. you are right there is new promo of shastri sisters and sasural simar ka

  10. I thinkthe promo will solve real roli and simar. what problem anushaka have from her mother in law I think simar will maybe help her. excuse me who watch shastri sisters

  11. How long will that special episode be on 2nd of march

  12. This time nly the storyline is out of box . Because every time the same storyline , characters and situations nly different always these two sisters will disguise as someone to solve the problems this time nly there were in their real identity and thinking out of box to solve the problem. As u saw Right from the beginning roli in the place of simar while marriage , then in veeru and kushi case roli acted as love with veeru, for jhanvi roli disguised as Sonia, then in jwaladevi segment both the sisters disguised as Tina.afterthat simar disguised as sunaina for Roli. Now nly it was with some different storyline .Because of that nly they’are dragging the storyline nu I guess.

  13. Nice bringung 2stories together

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