Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital and in the temple
The doctor switches off the ventilator while roli’s hand starts bleeding. Simar gasps put for breath, and the whole family is pleasantly shocked. The doctopr asks the nurse to get an oxygen mask, while prem is excited and the whole family is happily thanking the goddess. She asks for roli, after opening her eyes. The doctor says that in his medical career, he’s never seen a case miracle like this. He says that simar can now be transferred to the general ward and taken care of properly. Simar again goes unconscious.

Roli on the other hand, falls unconscious, into sid’s arms who holds him in him lap. Sid sees roli’s burnt hand and roli drifting off into unconsciousness. sid reprimands her for such foolishness.

Roli asks for simar, and just then, sid gets sujata’s phone and is in shock. Roli is terrified seeing sid’s tensed look. As she asks sid, he tells her the good news, that her prayers were answered. roli thanks the goddess.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
All wait for simar to get conscious. She feebly opens her eyes finally. Prem is happy seeing that. Simar sees roli and roli asks her not to cry as everything is alright now, as she’s fine and they got everything back. Simar says that she could hear roli’s voice even in unconscious state, that roli was asking her to stay with them. Prem and sid smile. She says that this love brought her back. Roli says that she had to come back as she wouldnt have been able to live without her. She sayS that the bullet was meant for her, then why did she face it. Prem says that even what roli did for her sister, noone would have been able to do. Simar asks what she did. When noone answers her, she takes roli’s hand to ask what she did for her. Roli flinches and simar sees the burnt hand and is shocked. roli fold her palm instantly and tries to avoid answering her questions. Sid tells simar everything. The whole family, who just came in, also hear the entire story. Prem says that its was roli’s devotion that brought simar back, otherwise they had lost all hope. As simar tries to talk to roli, she stops her saying that she did exactly what simar had done for her, by taking the bullet and the death meant for her. She says that her roli can do atleast this much for her sister.

Mausiji tries to lighten the mood, saying that they defeated the YAMRAJ too apart from viru and khushi. Mataji says that she was wrong in thinking tha destiny cant be changed. but roli proved that if a person makes up his mind, with faith and courage, then even fate changes. Sujata too agrees and says that theri sisterhood should remai8n forever. Hearing anjali crying, uma says that even she has understood that her mother is alright now, and wants to go to her. On mataji’s saying, prem takes anjali and shows her to simar, that not just them, even anjali had become restless knowing that her mother might leave her soon. Simar lovingly takes anjali in her arms.

The next morning, Simar is fed food and juice by everyone in the family, cheerfully. prem too showers extra love and care, and helps her in putting vermillion on her forehead, and the mangalsutra in her neck, as she’s unable to so it due to a cast in her hand. Prem helps her to walk an dget well soon, so that her condition improves. She looks lovingly at him, and cries overwhelmed with emotions. Prem wipes them and tells her that she’s his life and his happiness, his love and the whole world, and had she gone, he also wouldnt have been to live. simar asks him never to talk like this. She says that she herself is incomplete without him. She says that they would never seperate from each other.

The doctor checks simar and her progress while the family waits patiently. He finally tells them that there’s nothing to worry about, as her health has improved much. As simar wants to go home, she is advised by the doctor to stay for 3 days on a precautionary basis. As the family is tensed, the doctor tells that its just for their pacification, as she needs complete rest. Simar says that she would take all proper treatment and roli too says that she would see to it that simar does all that she’s told to. The doctor finally seeing such love, tells simar that she might go home, and asks prem to come with him to finish some formalities.

Mausiji says that they need to hurry as the bharadwaj house is waiting for them. Everyone is happy and the screen freezes on roli’s excited face.

Precap: As the whole family on mataji’s insistence, says that they would enter the house together, they are suprised when they find the door opening up from the inside and shocked when they see khushi, sarcastically welcoming them, with a puja thali.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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