Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj opens the door and takes the parcel. Anjali says if these are the photos I am done. Anjali says are these mine? Saroj says no the parcel is for me. I guess it is the insurance papers. Saroj takes out.. Anjali says tai ji I will explain. Saro says what will you explain? She goes through them all. Anjali says these photos, she looks at them. Saroj smiles and says these are you portfolio pictures. They are so pretty. I always want you to go forward such good photos these are. Anjali smiles.
Anjali calls atul and says are you trying to scare me? He says these are not the real ones. Give me money by tomorrow or you know.

At night, Anjali is asleep. She gets up and goes towards the locker room. Anjali comes to Saroj’s room. Anjali opens the closet. SAroj moves

anjali says she can’t even sleep with peace. She opens the locker. Anjali takes out jewelry but saroj wakes up. Anjali drop the locket and hides. Tao ji says where are you going? Saroj says I heard something. Tao ji says you must be dreaming. Come sleep. Saroj goes back and sleeps. Anjali takes out that necklace. She says I can sell this then why should I sell my own. Anjaali goes out and comes back to her room. Vikram turns on the lights, Anjali hides the necklace. vikram says where did you go? What are you hiding? Anjali says I am sorry. He says whats is your hand? Anjali drops it and throws it under the bed. Vikram says what is in it? Anjali opens her fist and says so much love for you. She hugs him and says can’t you live without me a moment? He says I am sleeping I have to go to office tomorrow you should sleep too.

Next morning, Anjali goes to sell the necklace. He gives annjali the money. Later the main jeweler sees the locket and is dazed.
Anjali gives money to atul. he says I have to count. You lied to your husband and family. You can lie to me to. Anjali says shut up I gave you money. There shouldn’t be any boarding in Dehli. He says lower down your ego. She says give me the contract papers. you are such a cheat. She tears the papers apart. Anjali throws it on his face.

Simar and Prem come to Anjali’s house. Simar says I hope everything is good here now. Saroj says sorry for last time. Simar says lets forget what happened. Simar says mataji sent these gifts for you people. Anjali says to KB why is she even here? Kb says to spy on you. Did you give him money? Anjali says yes. it was so difficult thank God its all fine now. Saroj says Anjali bring refreshments for them.
Anjali goes to kitchen. Vikram comes home and meets everyone. Saroj says you came back early? Vikram says I am not alone someone is with me who wants to talk to you. Saroj says who> The jeweler comes in. Saroj says babu lal ji you here? He takes out the necklace and shows it to saroj. Everyone is dazed. SAroj says this looks exactly like our family necklace. Vikram says not like, this is ours. Saroj says what? How is that possible? Is in the locker. Vikram says he told me some girl came to sell it to him. Khushi says there can be so many similar ones in market. Babu lal says this mark on this necklace, they have this mark on all of their jewelry. Saroj says yes. but who would sell it? Babu lal says a girl came she was wearing suit and her hair was long. Anjali comes in. She drops the tray. Babu lal turns back. He says she is the that girl. Everyone is dazed.

PRECAP- Anjali says he is narrating Tai’s story. She called him here. Thank God i didn’t ask the password or she would have succeeded in her story.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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