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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush tells Roshni and Rohan about Simar because they are worried. Roshni says I can’t believe she is your sister. Piyush says I think I have to go now. After so many years that man.. she couldn’t forget him. rohan says relax. we should all go there. Rohan says get ready. Piyush asks Roshni is Rohan here? Rohan comes and says I am ready.
Simar comes in with police. Piyush says maa what happened? Simar says actually.. Piyush says I have told them everything. Rohan says what happened. Simar tells them everything that happened. Inspector says if there is a complaint next time we will arrest her. Piyush says how can you ask her not to meet her daughter. Rohan asks him to calm down. Piyush says how can they do this. I will talk to them. Simar says its useless. Truth

is that Anjali doesn’t even wanna see my face. Rohan says everything will be okay. Take her to room choti maa. Roshni takes her to room.
Piyush hits the wall. He says you saw Rohan how he insulted my mom. Rohan says it takes time. Rohan says choti maa always taught us love can heal anything. The man you are saying all this about is your papa. What you know? Just one side. She still respects him, there must be a reason. You should go, she needs you.

Scene 2
Simar recalls how Prem insulted her. She is crying and sobbing. Piyush comes in.
Anjali says what should I do Kb. I even hate her name. Khushi says she is so clever, She only wants Prem’s money. Anjali says I don’t care about her and nor dad. I wanna fulfill my dream.
Khushi says whose text is it? Anjali says I am waiting for Arjun’s text. Khushi says he did so much to you? anjali says he is my key for Mumbai. I have to keep him happy. Khushi says your dreams will come true. Simar says I failed as a wife and mother. Piyush says you are the best mom. You promised me you won’t cry for that man. Please stop crying. Simar swipes her tears. Simar syas I won’t cry. you have to promise me one thing as well. You will remove all the hatred for you papa. Will you do that? Piyush says I promise I will try.
He says now have this soup. Piyush says please. Piyush says in heart if your distance is your problem, then I will remove the distance between you and Prem.

Piyush is watching TV. He keeps changing channels. Roshni comes and sits with him. Roshni says what happened? He says I am thinking how to get maa her happiness back. She says I have an idea. We should ask Rohan.. Rohan comes in and says I need help first. We have to select the candidate first. piyush sees a file in his documents. Piyush says I have the idea. rohan says what. Piyush says I will tell you later.

Scene 3
Next morning, Prem is in his car. Piysuh comes in front of his car. Prem comes out. Prem says can’t you see? Are you okay? People start blaming Prem.
Prem says it was his mistake. He came in front of the car. The man says you shut up. Prem says to piyush, why aren’t you telling him its your mistake. Piyush says I came in front of his car. Its his mistake. Piyush says sorry sir. Prem says thats fine. Are you hurt? Piyush says no. Prem says it felt good that you accept your mistake. Piyush says when it was my mistake I had to accept it. He picks his papers and gives them. Prem says there are you resumes? so many copies? Piyush says I send my resume everywhere hoping I would get a job. in that tension I came in front of your car. Prem gives him his visiting card and says there are some vacancies in my company. Come at 11 tomorrow. Piyush says thank you sir. Why are you helping me? Prem says so you don’t come in front of someone’s car. Whats you names? Piyush says SP Piyush. Prem says SP? He says thats my parent’s initials. Prem says why initials? Can’t you use whole name. Piyush says no I wanna make my own name. Prem says I will see you tomorrow at 11.

Piyush comes back home. a card slips from his pocket. Its prem’s simar sees it.
Piyush comes in the office. He says wow there is more noise in hospital. Is this an office or library. Piyush asks receptionist I lost my number can I have yours? She says sorry. He says I want to meet Prem bharadwaj. I have an appointment with him. He asked me to come here. He gave me his card. She says he is in a meeting you can wait till then.

Mataji is on stairs and says simar will come back. Sankalp says give us the injection back. Mnataji says I won’t. Mataji slips from the stairs. They all run and pick her up.
piyush says to its been more than half hour. Please ask him I came here. I have to meet him. Watchman says whats the problem. Piyush says just call him once. Watchman says he can’t be called during the meeting. Watchman shoves him. prem says you don’t know I am. Piyush shoves him. Prem comes and says Piyush..

Precap-Sattu says let be bring taxi. Piyush says that won’t bee needed. Mataji sees him and says I see simar in you and look like Prem.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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