Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nurse comes in and asks prerna what are you doing here? This is dr. Segal patient? Prerna says I was checking her. Nurse says let me confirm with dr. Segal.
Jhanvi is taking doctor with her to sujata’s room. prerna says I have to do something.
Prerna gives nurse forcefully and injection she faints. Prerna takes Sujata out on a wheelchair. Jhanvi sees her she is dazed. Jhanvi says doctor wait. Prerna turns. Segal and jhanvi run after prerna. Jhanvi says where are you taking my maa. She says to doctor segal she has taken maan somewhere. Segal says close all gates.

Simar says this means maani fooled me. Prem is not coming here. She sees prem coming. Prem sees her and stops. The song ‘tere liye hum hain jiye’ plays in background. Simar recalls their

moments together. Prem waves her.
Prerna brings sujata in store room. She says it will not be easy. I have to distract them. What should i do. She breaks fire alarm, it starts blaring. There is a rush in hospital. Jhanvi is still looking to sujata.
Prem walks past simar and goes to chanda. Simar is dazed. She says to simar do you want something? Simar says prem ji? You didn’t recognize me? She holds his hand.
Chanda says what are you doing? SImar says prem ji you recognized me? Prem says no who are you? Simar is shocked.

Jahnvi asks wardens where is my maa. They say we have been looking. Prerna comes out in nurse’s uniform and covers sujata’s face. she tries to run out. Jhanvi sees sujata.
Simar says you are my wife.. Chadna says what are you saying. SImar says you don’t listen to her. She has ruined everything. Chanda says what are you saying. Simar says I will expose your illusion and lies. Chanda says what rubbish is this.
Chanda says chanda maani is a stone. Are you out of your mind? Simar says I can prove that I am your wife. Let me show you photographs. Chanda calls manager and asks him to kick simar out. She says this woman is annoying us, manager says ma’am please you have to go. simar says i wont go anywhere. Manager and security take her out. Prem says wait a minute. Chand says prem ji.. He asks her to be quite. Prem says show me what you wanted to show. Simar shows him picture. Prem is dazed. Simar saus this is our wedding photograph. Simar shows him more. Prem says how is this possible. Chanda says it is very easy. They are all photoshopped. I know women like these. Prem says they don’t look fake. Chand says I know she is lying Simar says let me show you our family photos. Chanda says okay if you don’t wanna marry me you can say that but don’t humiliate me like this. If she is not lying then why don’t you remember all that. You were abroad all the years then you came back and we got engaged. How she came between us then?
Simar says she is lying. chanda says prem ji i thought we would talk and get to know each other. Chanda says can you just drop me home? He nods and looks at simar.
Prem and chanda leave. Chanda says shame on you. She says manager don’t let her go from here. Prem says why do I feel bad for this woman? Simar says stop prem ji. Security stops simar. SImar says please listen to me. SImar breaks a glass and says stay away. She runs after prem’s car. Prem sees her in the mirror.

Precap-Simar is doing pooja. Chanda says to jhanvi you have kill them both to save your mom or they will kill you and your maa. Jhanvi comes with a knife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SSk without Roli is dull. Cannot see Sid without his Roli. N to pair him with another is unacceptable.

    1. Sree Nandana S

      avika(roli) was also doing another role-jhumki…i think she will become sid’s pair….simar and jhumki acted and saved their all their properties from khushi and veeru…

  2. Nice episode 2day…poor simar…love the way prem feel for simar…love PREMAR?

  3. If i were u prem i would go with chanda on a date and give her choomi

  4. We want Avika back Avika pease come back sid and prerna never did and roli only

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