Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is dazed, sid says where is the phone? Simar takes him to the phone. He says thanks and dials a number.He says my car is broken and phone’s battery is dead. okay. Pari comes downstairs and says why didn’t simar come upstairs. she look and sid and is completely taken aback. she says what is this God? simar says in heart she will tell everyone now. Pari comes running upstairs and says mata ji i saw in hall..

Maya recalls rajveer saying i will send Aryan there and their end will start from the hands of aryan/sid. Prem will be his first prey. maya says how can i tell didi about the plans of rajveer. i don’t even have a phone neither can i go out.

simar wonders how sid came here and why did rajveer allow him. Sid says to simar thanks. he is about

to leave, sujata comes and says sid please stop. Whole family comes there. Sid stops and turns back. Everyone is dazed to see him. Mata ji looks at simar with questioning face. khushi says how can he exactly look like sid. She recalls roli’s doppelganger jhumki and says there can two people of same face. but why always God send that person to us. or is he really sid? Aryan comes to sujata., she kisses his face and forehead. sujata says where were you gone? She hugs him and says where did you go and left me alone? Rajhinder says who are you? Sujata says whats wrong with you? he is our sid. sid steps back and says i am not sid, my name is aryan. Sujata says what are you saying? you can’t have any other name. you are my son, you are my sid. Mata ji says sujata you are right he is our sid. she holds her hands in front of sid. she says i have to make him stay. Mausi says God sent our sid back to us. Mausi ji says sujata wont you take him in? he wont leave us anymore, Go upstairs and let him rest as well. sujata says i wont go anywhere i can’t let him go out of my sight. mata ji says to aryan please ask sujata to go to her room and rest. Amar says why is here? simar says what if its a plan of rajveer? if he asks maa to go in that means its part of rajveer’s plan. Sid says to sujata please go and rest. Mausi ji says wont you listen to your son? Uma taks sujata to her room. Sid says i am aryan my car broke down, i came here to use your phone, my friend must be coming to pick me up. mata ji says in heart what he wants to do here? Mausi ji says don’t worry i will tell you whats the story. she takes him in and tells him about sid. Mata ji holds simar’s hand. She says simar we have to be careful, it must be some plan of rajveer. simar says i think the same but what he wants to do? how will we know his plan?

Maya says sid is back home but the reason is something else. how can i inform didi. she sees girjesh and says come here. She starts screaming and pretending that she has some pain. he says what happened? she says stomach.. she grasps his face when he comes closer. gijesh says leave me please. Maya looks in his eyes and hypnotizes him. she says i have been using this power for evil purposes but today i will use it for good.

Sid says i am sorry to hear about your son but i can’t pretend to be sid. i can’t be stuck in a problem. Mausi ji says for some hours please to save life of sujata. Sid says i can’t do it. He says i don’t know how can someone be so similar to my face. Rajhinder says that is God’s miracle but i beg you to save my wife’s life. Mausi ji says for some hours please save sid’s life. Mausi ji asks mata ji to ask him. Mata ji says we can’t see sujata is this condition, why God sent you here. God wants to save Sujata’s life. Simar gets a call, she wonders if its rajveer. She picks the call, maya says its me i don;t have much time i have called to tell you that sid will come to your house and will make story. He will try to stay there and then.. Simar says then what? maya says don’t let him stay there. Simar says tell me why rajveer has sent sid here? Sid says he has sent him to kill prem. simar says he wants one brother to kill another. but maa has seen sid, if sid doesn’t stay here, she will not be okay. maya says if sid stays there you will lose sid. try to understand, we have to face it like this until i get my maani back. simar says let me try something. Simar looks at sid and recalls what maya said.

Sid says if you all want this then i am ready to become sid for some time. rajhinder says thanks a lot. simar says we don’t need you to. everyone is shocked. simar says Mr. Aryan thank you but you don’t need to stay here as sid.

Precap-Roli says tell me how can i save sid and save simar’s marital life, its about time that i sould tell them all truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why they makin sid look like a negative character

  2. Roli g… please tell the truth.. its much awaited..
    i am bored of all the drama.. please finish it asap…

  3. Everyone is coming yo be family correctly in new avatar first solar as sunaina.and roli as shruthi varma.and now sid as Aryan.pls tell us what name you r going to give for prem’s new avatar

  4. NW again this bw family will start scolding simar without understanding anything……

  5. If roli said everything to be family means she will be trapped there mausiji is there na she is lalbahadur ‘s mom

  6. Wat this y do they drag the drama a lot n make it bore or pls end all this .

    Y dont the writter see a reality in drama its too boring don’t make it like balika vadhu n uttran….

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