Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush says I don’t know whats happening there. Should I call or ma or not? Roshni comes in and asks you didn’t sleep? He says I really miss ma. Roshni says are you okay? He says I feel so alone I hope she is okay. Roshni says don’t worry even if no one is with you, I am always here for you. Piyush says thanks Roshni.

At night, Simar looks at Anjali sleeping. She recalls her childhood. She recalls Anjali’s behavior. Simar says you are so old now but still the same. I had to plae this pillow next to you in childhood as well. I was so happy when first time I saw you when you were born. You held my finger. Why don’t you hold my hand now? I should not have left you at that time. I am responsible for all this. but its about time I rectify my mistake.

Simar says should I call Piyush? He must be asleep by now.

In morning, Simar calls Piyush. He says I was waiting for your call all night. Simar says I thought you would have slept. Piyush says see you at the court.
Khushi comes in an says anju my doll eat some yougurt so the court decides in your favor.
Prem and Anjali leave for the court.
Khushi says some people get to lout with time. Truth is that no matter how hard you try you will never get trust and love from this family. If I were you I would have left before all this insult. Pari says some people have no self esteem. Simar says you chose your son when you were in same situation. You were insulted as well. But you didn’t listen and kept fighting for your son and you won in the end. Simar prays to God. She says I will do anything. Just be with me. Mataji says God is always with you. God can never disappoint you. Mataji gives simar arti. And pits tilak on he forehead. Simar leaves.

Scene 2
In court, Judge says why is Anjali not here. If she doesn’t come we will start proceedings without her. Sumit says don’t worry Simar. Court will decide in your favor. Anjali comes in. She says hello everyone. Sorry you had to wait because of me. Anyway, lets start.
Judge so simar did Anjali break any rule? Simar says yes. She listened to everything I said. Lawyer says my client appeals to take your decision back. Mr. Prem is annoyed by Simar’s presence there. Simar’s lawyer says yes I want you take that decision back as well. And make Simar Anjali’s gaurdian. Judge says we will make panel of 5 people. People who are specialized in these issues. Anjali says I don’t wanna live with any of them. That is so simple. Judge says if you do this again we will take legal actions.
The panel wants to meet anjalu.

The panel meets Anjali and asks her different questions.
They are all waiting outside the court. Simar says where Mr. Kapoor? Piyush says he went to office. Simar says you all should go as well. Piyush I wont leave without you. Rohan says Piyush lets go. Piyush says I don’t wanna leave ma alone. Rohan says lets go please. Piyush says we are coming in a while.
Simar and Prem are sitting on the same bench. More people sit so they have to sit closer. They look at each other and the song tere liye plays in background. They recalls their old times. Prem stands up and leaves.
Simar comes out as well. It starts raining. SImar is all wet. Prem comes there and says you are drenched in water. You will catch cold. He gives her his coat.

Precap-prem comes and sees Simar has fever. He makes strips for her and massages her head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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