Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guru ji sees the painting, he reads a mantra. He throws something on painting. Suddenly everyone hears guru ji’s scream. They all out and check, guru ji is faint in temple. Everyone is bewildered. Everyone tries to get him up. Pari brings water. Rajhinder says how did this happen. Amar gets him up. Rajhinder asks are you okay? He says yes. Mata ji says what happened? He says some power attacked me. I said there is something wrong with this house. He says i read mantra and threw rice on painting they came back to me. And i fainted.
Sanju says mama i am sleepy lets go upstairs. Mata ji says you should go. sanjana waves at the painting. Amar sees her. He is dazed.

Simar sings a lullaby for sanjana. Amar sees sanajna smiling and rolling her doll’s face. He says simar.. Sanju hides the doll. simar says come in. Amar says that woman wasn’t mad. Whatever she said about the painting was right. that painting is causing all this in our house.

Someone is walking the house in dark. amar senses someone walking. Amar sees sanju on his door steps. Simar wakes up and wonders where is sanju? she looks out for her. Simar comes in amar’s room. Sanju hugs simar. Amar says in heart there is something with her. Simar says what is she doing here? Amar says i wanna talk to you. Amar says to simar sanju came here its weird. simar says i guess she was hungry. amar says when you were singing her the lullaby she was throttling her doll. Here she came and she wanted to harm me she brought rope with her as well. simar says what are you saying. Its a skipping rope. She is a child are you out of your mind.

Simar comes in her room with sanju. She says sanju why you went to amar’s room. did you need something. Tell me, i am asking you something? Weren’t you scared going downstairs. Is there something wrong? simar says in heart i think she is scared. Simar says you are my doll. Tell me. Sanju sleeps without saying anything. simar says i have to tell ama that she is just scared.

Amar says what is happening in this house. He goes out to check the painting.

Precap-amar mata ji and simar all hear anklet and come downstairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. poonar janma track in sasural simar ka; resshmi ghosh to enter
    yeah!!! cheer up fans of sasural simar ka(rashmi sharma telefilms)
    wondering why we are in such a joyful mood?
    well color’s popular daily is all set to churn out a new plot in the series.
    and this time it is about rebirth.
    as per media reports bong beauty reshmi ghosh is all geared upto enter the daily and the new poonar janam track will be related to her character.
    a source from the set shared with us, “the trackwill now churn out around prem and simar’s previous birth, where resshmi’s character will be of a dancer turned to witch. resshmi will enters in simar’s life in this birth to seek revenge from prem and simar.”
    aha, quite intresting it seems.
    but the fun filled sequence doesn’t end here readers.
    guess how rashmi character will be introduced in the drama?
    well in quite a family fashion she will come out of a photo frame alive.
    when contacted, she said that “i am much excited to enter the show and a bit nervous how i am going to perform the role. i have always been attracted to supernatural characters and this time again i am playing one. but i guess it would have been better if my husband, siddarth vasudev who was part of the show would have been with me”.
    honestly we are pretty excited to witness the new drama in the show. aren’t you? shout it loud in the comment section.

  2. what is wrong with sanjana.. something wrong with her… why she wants to harm amar.. new dayan is behind amar now…

  3. aatma(ghost) track, naagin, daayan, 90years lady shown as 20 years, and now poonar janam track…… please bring some peace in family.. bring rosid and complete the family..with out them its boring now.. fed up with these track.. bring some new tracks..

  4. house of daayan’s!!!!
    simar’a and roli’s life on ssk seems incomplete without the problems in their family or marriedlife!!!
    we bring to you another new entry in their family !! after ichadari nagin maya, and daayan mohini , reshmi ghosh i all set to play the new daayan indravati!!
    reshmi ghosh is all excited to done this new avatar.
    she was last seen on baal veer as daityana. seems like the actress is intrigued to take up roles with supernatural powers! ironically, reshmi’s husband siddarth vasudev was also part of the show until sometime back.
    wouldn’t that have been intresting that the duo reshmi and siddarth troubled the bharadwaj’s together?
    lets leave that matters on the makers of ssk to decide!! keep reading for more updates..

  5. guys some one told that the updates who are posting is from ssk team only… but its not correct as for as i know thee reading from some other segments, and they are posting updates from which they are seen from segments, tellychakkar and india forums articles… they are posting the updates from articles which they know about serial.. thats it…

  6. Now its high time to stop this daily soap..bcz since last one year they are just selling superstitions and limiting believs,ghost,nagin,dayan etc concepts.which are far from reality

  7. yeh bhool bhulaya track,, poonar janam track band karo…… hate ssk cvs.. kuch naya reality ko show me dikalo.. hate cvs… why you brings the tracks which are far from reality… kuch naya dikhavo…………

  8. Bakwas serial. Absolute stupidity. Its just like bhool bhulaiya. Where the ghost was a dancer. Bogus. And i think these actresses have gone mad. Thats why they agree to play such idiotic roles. Sarah as naagin, Pratyusha as daayan and now Rashmi as aatma/witch. Give us a break. Either stop the serial. Or stop this dumb storyline. And show some sense.

  9. whats wrong with sanju…. why she is behaving like that.. the way when amar saying that she send painting to police station and she waves bye to that paint and she plays with doll when amar cames she try to sleep.. whats all this… whats wrong with her?? why she behaving like that? is that indravati is using sanju…

  10. Wat the hell is going on yaar.. It’s really ridiculous.. There’s a limit for everything.. Wat they wanna convey to the society through this track.. It’s a
    Height if stupidity… This serial always support superstitious things. I haven’t seen simar smiling whole heartedly.. I just wish the trp of this serial falls so low tat it comes to an end!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a story? Such a weird story I have never seen in my life. Don’t they fee ashamed to show such stories bakwas serial jalthy khatam Karo yaar. Its a request

  12. This show is just giving more power to superstitions in our society mind. Specially to conservative women nland men. Now they are showing a child is under witch influence, women is nagin, women n witch, in aiIndia people used to kill a lot of women by term in them as dayans, nagin, blah. This show is supporting all those ill thinking. I am against all these things they are showing . Why the hell they just used the innocent child to look scary now. Indian audience used to take all this things seriously

  13. wats going on ssk so irritating day by day i only watch simar and roli but roli is not showing in last one month plz bring roli back roli and simar fight together in super but simar only fight with dayan poor simar precap is nice atleast today nit shown on new dayan

  14. Bakwaas ….pls wind up dis serial..

  15. These type of shows are increasing superstitions only

  16. There should be an entry of Naagin(saara khan) to protect Simar’s Family from this old lady who may be invisible any time. then there will be new twist in this serial.

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