Sasural Simar Ka 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Meghna is talking to someone about the orphan kids. Attul tells her that all the stuff has been placed in the car. She says are you being careful in that bharatwaj girls? I don’t want you to be irresponsible. Where is shaureya? He says she is sleeping.

Scene 2
Roli says i can’t do this. Simar says this is so daring. Mausi ji says we have t be daring. Mausi ji says you are the only one shaureya and meghna have not seen. This is the best plan other wise we are flop. hRoli is being reluctant.Roli says we can asks anyone else to do this. Mausi ji says i will not let spoil my ji ji’s name. This will take our family problem out and i don’t want that. Mausi ji says don’t you remember how you taught that street bot his worth i want the same thing from

you now, Simar says i think mausi ji is right., Roli says okay then i am ready to do this, mausi ji hugs her and says i expected this from you. They all vow. Janvi is in tears mausi ji says your bhabhi is taking risk for you shake hand now. she does.

Scene 3
Pari brings breakfast for achna she says i am feeling this bad because of food. Pari says okay i am placing it on side. Shalu says how are you mummy ji now? He tells pari that its the opening of the nw shop. Achna says i wanna go to my aarav’s shop too. Shalu says but you are not feeling well you should stay home.

Scene 4
Mata ji and everyone is getting ready to go to shop. Everyone asks where is simar? Prem says let me see her. Roli says no i am staying here to take care of all this. Then sid is worried about roli. Mausi ji says i am staying for anjali. Janvi says can i stay too? to look for food of everyone. Sujata allows her. Pari says thats good janvi will take care of mamma too. They all leave. Prem though is so worried about simar. Simar asks roli to wear the dress and get ready. She syas don’t you worry we are all with you and we trust you. Roli takes the dress. Mausi ji asks janvi to saty happy she says roli is the great actress she will make everything alright.
Mausi ji and simar are applying make up on roli while janvi is sitting and wiating for her to get ready. Simar says that now i believe its not that hard to beat shaureya nd meghna. Mausi ji says now see how we get them in our cyclone now.

Scene 5
Meghan goes to the function of orphan where the servant lady say that i am so sorry you have to wait a little. SHe says you don’t know what you are saying. The servant says but there is a lady of a rich family already there. She is giving gifts to children and she has given a big donation. Meghna says i will like t meet her. She says nobody is allowed to meet her right now. The stewardess says you can wait in the cabnit madam, Meghna says people wait for me not i wait for the people. She is leaving in anger. Roli stops her. Simar and Mausi ji are looking from behind the plants.
There janvi is so worried about roli. She says its not that hard to make shaureya and fool what if bhabhi gets caught? I wish everything is alright.
Roli asks a waiter to call her. He goes to meghna and says that she is calling you i guess she wants to meet you. Roli says she is my elder i she should not wait i will give the gifts later. Meghna says if you don’t mind can we gift them together. Roli says why not. Come gift them i like people who save time. She shakes hand and says I am Soniya Obroye and meghna introduces herself. She start gifting children. Press comes out side and they wanna go in. Roli is worried. Meghna wonders why are they not allowing media to come in? Simar asks roli to stay calm. Meghna calls the stewardess on the gate. Roli is worried if they capture her photo and name her soniya.

Precap- Roli calls attul and says that i am the secretary of soniya meeting with her is not possible yet. She tells mausi ji and simar that attul wanna meet the secretary of soniya what should we do now?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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