Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Roli takes out phone from her bag but faints before she could call anyone.

Sid is feeing agitated. He says whats wrong? Is roli okay? He calls her. He gets a call from private number. A lady says are you looking for vikrant Mehta? He says yes. She says come to tesar naka tonight at 11. I need to tell you something. All alone. Sid says how will I recognize you? She says I can recognize you.

The wedding preparations are done in the village. Mukhiya makes vikrant wear the turban. Mukhiya says you are our son from now. Vikrant stands up in gratitude and says start the celebration. THe women start dancing on ‘nagady sang dhol’. Some women are getting simar ready. Sid is on his way to the place. Prem is with cops and mata ji pray9ing for all of them. Leela

leaves the celebrations and goes to a room. There is a man in the room taking care of roli. Leela syas thank you so much chacha. He says we had to save her but if vikrant gets to know he will kill us. leela says I brought her from forest people cant know that she is here. Leela says roli is fine here I have to worry for simar.

two men bring Anjali and sanju. Some women bing simar. Vikrant says she looks beautiful. in some moments you will be simar vikrant Mehta from bharadwaj. Vikrant says stop this music and dance and orders pundit ji to prepare for the wedding. Vikrant grasps simar’s hand. She shoves his hand. Vikrant says why are you risking Anjali’s life? Tears steam down her face. Vikrant says I am the God here. I am the only one who can help you here. He drags her to the mandap.

Chacha and leela are giving medicines to roli. chacha says she will be fine soon. Chacha says she needs rest. He says now I have to leave. Leela syas you can use the backdoor. Roli says where am I. Leela says keep lying there. roli syas where is simar. she says simar is fine my name is leela. leela says I couldn’t save simar from vikrant. He is about to marry her. roli says please take me to her. this is wrong I have to stop all this. Leela says he will kill Anjali if simar doesn’t marry her. roli says have you seen my phone? Leela syas no. roli says call the cops. Leela syas no cops work here. there are only two phone in the village one of my dad and other of vikrant. roli syas please stop this sin God.

Simar says please God save me. I vowed prem to be his wife for all my life. please save me. Simar syas don’t let this sin execute. She says I made prem mine with all my heart. you have to protect our relationship. Strong winds start to blow and a strom rages on the village. The fire for wedding rounds blows as well. Everyone is shocked. Simar says look vikran you will be responsible for ruining of whole village. Don’t do this sin. vikrant says I will marry you and right now I will see who wil stop me. Simar says the same fire that bound me to prem wont be the part of your sin. s8mar syas the rfaces of all these villagers show what it is to blow this fire. They are all scared of God. Lets see whose trust works more. Its my and prem’s wedding anniversary after 20 days. We were bound that day. He will find me in these 20 days. If he couldn’t I will marry you with all my consent. Simar says how could you forget that ravan never forced seta you are even worse. you can marry me forcefully but you will never have me. But if I lose I will consider it my fate and will be yours with my will.

Precap-roli hides her face and is going with leela. she slips the cloth falls of her face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. the director and writter has done too much injustice to vikranth character vikranth and simar were together for two years but he never felt in her beauty he liked very much her kindness with his family after that also vikrant felt too much guilty that is he is the responsibility what ever simar suffers also they give injustice to that child sanju also indirectly

  2. Boring…………. Lame…………. Serial

  3. Bekar seriall day bye day its going worse …….

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