Sasural Simar Ka 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devil says I have four eyes, two in front and two in back. He points at simar. simar is scared. Prem says take care of simar God. Kal Pisaj extends his hand to find simar. She steps back. Simar sits down and evades them. Simar comes running to another room. Devil says why can’t we see her? whats going on in her mind. He says simar is here for something. He looks upstairs. He says my one mantra will change your mission to your death simar.
Simar says I looked everywhere. Cant find anything. Please help me God. I have to keep this fighting going. The door behind simar locks. Madhvi says its over now.

Rest of the family is doing pooja. Simar says if I don’t find it, I will lose everything. Simar finds the pen. She finds the black paper as well. The door opens.

Madhvi and devil come in. simar hides behind a cupboard. He says she is near. adhvi starts sprinkling the liquid. He throws it all on simar. Suddenly arti from pandit’s hand falls.
Simar comes downstairs and sees devil strangling roli. sImar is scared. Simar says please leave roli. He says you thought you could fool me? Roli says didi save me please. He says it is very easy to save her.

Devil says when thoughts are deepened decision becomes weak. Tell me maani or roli’s life. He throttles roli. Simar says please leave her. He says you are killing her not me. You will be responsible for her death. Tell me what you want? Her life of chandan maani? Simar says in heart what should I do now? She recalls devika saying that if someone seize maani from you, its powers wont work. Devil strangles roli and she falls down. Simar screams. Roli disappears. He laughs and says that was a fake roli now imagine how will you will feel when real roli dies. Malti says the one died was her shadow. Simar says where is roli? He says I have her. She is in my house. Simar says she can’t stay away from us. Kal pisaj says she can. Only few days have left here, in my house only few hours are left. she doesn’t know whats happening here. she thinks she is helping a poor man.

Simar says is not possible. How can this happen. Devil says this is my game. He says the moment clap, anything can happen.
He tells her how roli met him and he controlled her mind. He created shadow of roli. He says this roli was just an illusion created by me. This is why I took first maani part from her. Here everything happened was all my will. And there what happened with roli was also my will. She doesn’t even know time. She doesn’t know whats happening. Simar is crying. He says only you can take her out of that. Give me that chandan maani. Or roli will stay there forever. He says your mata rani saved roli. She is lucky, when she met me she had teeka on her forehead. It protected her for a while but it wont last long. Once it is off her forehead, her soul will be controlled by me. Then I will do my real attack.

Precap-Choti dulahn says we can save roli. I can feel where she is. They all follow her and come to a place. Mata ji sees roli, she waves from inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mansi Srivastava is the new roli…. But she does not look as cute and young as avika is..Please try to replace someone who is young as avika 🙁

  2. If avika is replaced by someone means then I will surely stop watching ask Aviman as Rosid pair only always always rockzzz

  3. mansi srivastava to replace avikagor in ssk!!
    the pretty actress is best known playing the lead role of shivani of ‘do dil bande ek dori se’
    looks like ssk is finally getting its new roli. and it is none otherthan mansi srivastava. the pretty actress is best known for playing the lead role for shivani of do dil bandhe ek dori se.
    with avika leaving the show to take break and look to explore other options in life., it was a “hard task for the makers to look for a perfect replacement for avika.” and they have now zeroed down upon mansi for the same.
    we contacted mansi who said,”yes i have taken up ssk, i’ll probably start my shhot in next 2 weeks. we asked her whether or not she will continue her stint in neeli chatiri wale, the actress said,yes i will be doing both shows simulatenously.

  4. Now its too band karo ye horar type to ak Ghar ki serial h..or ye kya hr bar bs koi aisa topic serial me le k aate to CID jaisi serial h k hr bar simar or mata rani k ly naya case le k aate ho..kbhi patali devi to kbhi ye aatama or bhut pret…now over please.. If you don’t have new family please stop this serial..or kitana long krte ho hr chiz ko..

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