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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata is leaving the house. Prem says please don’t do this ma.
Sujata says I can’t fight from you. Mataji says what you want? Sujata says I only want that devil doesn’t come in this house. Karuna says we won’t tolerate that child here for a second. Mataji says that child is part of our house. Don’t dare saying a word against him. Pari says forgot what baba said? This child is dangerous for Prem and simar too. Uma says if maa leaves I will leave this house too. One by one we all will leave. Sujata says if for that devil you want us all to go then okay. Mataji says I don’t know what to do. Prem goes in his room. mataji says no one will leave this house.

Simar goes to baba ji and says I want this child too and my family too. Tell

me a solution please. Baba says you have to wash your body with this water. This will clean your body. You have to go and walk around that shiv ling 101 times. After that all your child’s black attributes will be gone.
Prem is looking for simar. Mataji says look upstairs. Amar says I will you lookout.
Pari says let us look to. Everyone checks and says simar is no where. Mataji says call simar prem.
Simar is washing her body in gangajal 101 times. Prem says she is not picking up her phone. Mataji says has she left the house because of what happened yesterday. Simar is screaming with pain but she keeps walking. Simar sits there crying. Pandit comes and asks are you okay? Simar says my phone. He gives her phone. Prem says where are you simar? Simar is screaming with pain. Pandit takes the phone and says she has to be taken to hospital. We are taking her you come there too.
Prem says she is in labour pain. They are taking her to hospital I am going there too.

Simar is taken to hospital. She screams in pain. Doctor comes out. she says we can save either mom or son. Everyone is dazed. Pari says this child has risked simar’s life too. Prem says in heart is maa right? Prem says save simar please.
Doctor says we saved child but simr’s condition is critical.
sid says prem don’t panic where are you going? Prem comes to temple in the hospital and says please save my simar. I don’t want this child. Prem says save simar. Prem says I just want simar I don’t want that child. Mataji says God please don’t let anything wrong happen with simar. Amar says everyone come here.
Doctor says simar is completely okay. Everyone thanks God. She says congratulations to all of you its son. Sujata says to Rajhinder you heard thats kaal.
Prem goes in and kisses simar’s forehead. Nurse says here is your son. Prem takes the child. She says your wife is okay. we have to do some tests. Prem says just take care of her.
Uma says the child is save what do we do now. Pari says we will do as maa asked.

Scene 2
There is someone in house with black hoodie taking simar’s child somewhere. Simar says stop who are you? Simar says stop who are you. Simar runs after him.
Simar stands in front of him and says who are you? Where are you taking my child? She takes of the hoodie. Its Prem. simar is dazed. Simar says prem ji you?

Precap-Simar says you have made me stand at a place where I have to choose either myself or my child. You are scared of him I will take him away from here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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