Sasural Simar Ka 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes in she is hiding the phone in the hand. Baa says give it to me ? Simar says what ? baa says parshad ? give me the parshad. Simar says i didn’t get the parsad. We will get it once everything is okay. Baa says yeah you are right. The girl and her family are coming. I hope everything is fine tonight.

Anurag calls bahradwaj house. He says to sujata i have been calling jahnvi but she is not receiving. She says jhanvi is busy with nirvan. I will tell her she is home today. SHe will join from tomorrow. Anurag asks join what ? She says navjevan hospital she has got the position of head nurse. Sujata says didn’t she tell you ? He says no she told i forgot.

Scene 2
Sanju picks up vikran’s bag. She says look mama i a ma strong girl. She drops

it and all the files drop down on the floor. Simar asks vikran why are you home so soon ? He says baa has called some guests so i had to. his key is left under the sofa. Siamr says in heart is that the reason or because of what happened to Karthik you came this early ?
Simar takes sanju for the bath.

Vikran finds in study that he key is not in the briefcase. He comes in the room and looks for the key. Simar is about to come out but stops when she finds vikran looking for something. He finds the key and leaves. Simar wonders why was he so worried about this key.

Jhanvi is making nirvan eat the food. Sujata comes there and says i heart i hope everything is fine between Anurga and jhanvi. She asks jhavi is everything okay between you and anurag? Jhanvi says oh yes. Why are you asking that ? Sujata says he called me he didn’t know about your new job. Jahnvi says i was about to tell him but i forgot. She says let me check if the food is ready Anjali is about to come home. She leaves sujata says i know there is something wrong you can’t lie to me.

Scene 3
Simar takes out dresses for sanju. She opens vikran’s study’s door a little. She sees that there is a hidden locker behind a picture in his study. She wonder what is inside that locker. Why has vikran concealed this from everyone. She can’t see anything properly. She sees him looking at a paper. She wonders what are these papers that vikran is hiding from everyone. He places the papers and a mobile phone in the locker. he takes out a photo and stares it for a moment. Simar leaves. She recalls Roli telling her that some doctors of navjevan hospital are involved in all this. She recalls kathik talking to someone on the phone. She says two years ago I promised vikran to save roli. I left all my relations to save the one vow. prem, my family and even Anjali And today i found out that i have been suffering for a mistake neither i did nor roli. Its someone else who is responsible for all this and they should get the punishment. I wanna go back to my house. I’ll take help from lies to bring truth in front of the world. I’ll bring the killers of sunnaina to their penalty.

Scene 4
baa is asking servants to complete their work. Baa says let me get ready. Door bell rings. Baa says i think they’ve come. Let me go and get ready. Simar opens the door its prem in front of her. They’re shocked to see each other.

Precap-Roli says didi check what’s in locker of vikran’s study. Simar sees the photo of sunnaina in his locker. Aditi asks roli to go to simar. Simar is in tears. She hugs roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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