Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj stops Vikram and takes him somewhere. Piyush says come Anjali di lets dance. She says I don’t want to. Everyone hears that. Anjali says don’t you get that. I am not your didi. No one else cares that I am standing here alone and not dancing then why are you so worried? Vadahi’s mami says you should be happy for your brother. Another woman says she always insults both of her families. Piyush says its not like that. Anjali di is very good at heart. We all love her and know that she loves us evenly. Anjali says in heart everyone thinks I am wrong. Anjali goes to her room. Simar says you all continue. I will talk to her.
Prem says to Piyush she will learn. piyush says amar chachu lets prepare for dinner. Roshni says Vadahi gets mehndi on feet. MAtaji says

yes Vadahi.

Scene 2
Saroj comes to Simar and says she doesn’t care about dignity of both of her families. She doesn’t even have manners. She can never change and that’s the truth.
Vadahi’s hands are itching. The girl says don’t rub it will mess. vadahi says my hands are burning. Simar says what happened? Vadhai starts crying. Piyush says what happened? Vadhai says its burning. Mataji says its not right. Piyush says its hurting her. Roshni brings the bowl and says wash your hands. Vadhai says no. Piyush says please wash your hands will get infected. Simar says Vadahi was them. Roshni washes Vadahi’s hands. Vadahi is crying. Her hands are infected and burned. Piyush says they are all red. Simar says how did it happen. I got very good quality mehndi. Uma says her fate is rotten mehdni quality can’t save her. Pari says its written in kundli that there would be troubles. Simar says please what kind of things are saying. Its hurting her already. Please think before speaking. Mataji says leave all that simar. Mataji says everything will be okay. Simar takes her to room and simar I will send chandan. Apply that it will heal her. Simar takes Vadahi to her room.

Roshni is crying in her room. She looks at her hands and says Piyush’s name erased from my hands. Roshni comes in and says his name is not even in your life. This has ice, should I apply it on your hands or your burning heart? It was so important for you. Everything was ruined. Vadhai says you did it. Roshni says you think I can do this? This made me really happy. Because you guessed me totally right. Vadahi says how can you stoop so low? Roshni says I can do anything and I will. She squeezes Vadahi’s hand. Vadhai says leave them. It hurts her. Roshni says don’t care about Piyush’s name. Its written where it should have been. She shows her hand to Vadahi. Vadahi says are you out of your mind? How can you do this. Roshni says his name should be on my hands. Vadahi says enough. I will tell everyone everything. Roshni says is this your love? Now you will go like kids and complain your mummy? If you have any courage fight me alone. Vadahi says even if his name is not written in my palms, in my fate his name is written there. Go do what you want. This fight is between right and wrong and right always wins. Piyush comes and says so you are here. I was looking for you everywhere. Roshni says thank God you are here. She was crying because your name erased. Piyush caresses her face. He says if my name is not on your hands, your name is on mine. He shows her his hand, where Vadahi is written. Vadahi smiles. Piyush says we can also write mine on yours. He writes his name on her palms with a marker. Vadahi looks at Roshni. Piyush says happy now? Vadahi nods.

Scene 3
Simar says to Anjali it was such a good day for Piyush and you did this to him. And you insulted us all. Anjali says what else could I do? I wanted to dance with Vikram and he came towards me as well. Tai ji couldn’t tolerate that she took Vikram from there. Simar says I understand. Anjali says no you don’t. You can’t see how hard I am trying. Simar says your intentions is all that matters. Why you don’t understand if you keep hurting people you can’t win Vikram’s heart. You should think about others before yourself. anyway take this list and bring all this stuff tomorrow. Anjali says what is this for? Simar says its for the bride to be. The sister in law brings it. Anjali says I will give her but I can’t go to bring it. Saroj says simar is wasting her time. this girl can never learn. Simar says why don’t you understand. These small things can help you win Vikram’s heart. But enough I tried as much as I could. She leaves the list there and is going out. Simar sees Saroj on the door. Anjali picks the list and says wait a minute you didn’t write mangalsutra in it. You told me its value now you forgot it yourself. Simar says that means you remember all that. Anjali says I recalled so I told you. Simar says so add mangalsutra from your side. Simae leaves.
Anjali says in heart she gives me these lecture but if it wins me Vikram’s heart then I am ready to do anything.

Vadahi is looking at her dresses. Anjali comes there. she says in heart because of her there was so much drama in my wedding and I have to go shop for hers. But its okay I will show her what real shopping is. Anjali knocks. Anjali says I have to go for your shopping so I need your ring and bangle size. Vadahi gives her bangle. Anjali says tell me whats your choice gold coated or diamond coated? Vadhi says I will wear whatever you like. Anjali says okay then I am going. Anajli leaves.

Anjali is leaving for shopping. simar says please Anjali bring everything carefully. Its about our family name. Please come on time. Anjali says let me go first. She leaves. Saroj says don’t you think you are making a mistake. To show your daughter’s quality why are you ruining your son’s marriage? Simar says that’s in God’s hand. And I have complete trust in Anjali. Nothing would go wrong. Saroj says are you looking at those apples? Simar says I have faith in God. These apples won’t rot and Anjali won’t lose. Anjali will take care of our name. She will prove it today.

Precap-Anjali is doing shopping. She puuts the stuff in the car. A thug steals it. ANjali runs after him. Simar says where is this girl? Saroj says your daughter has failed. So we should end this relation with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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