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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar steps out and walks with Gaitri. Gaitri touches simar but she can’t. Devika says in heart that thread has worked. Khushi says simar bhabhi wait a minute. Simar says what happened? khushi says anjali and sanju are waiting for you on terrace. They wanna do kitting with you. Rajhinder says they are being stubborn. Simar syas I forgot it. Gaitri says no worries simar, you can come with me tomorrow. Simar says you came home on a very good time. Simar says mata ji give her parsad. SImar goes upstairs. Gaitri says till how long will you save your simar from me. You can’t stop me for long. She says simar will go to patal lok. I can’t die and no one can kill me.
After today some day will come when I will get simar out of your house. She laughs. Patali disappears.

Mata ji says because of she is immortal now. And because of simar is in danger. She is in tears. Mata ji says forgive me simar. Prem hugs her.

Devika stands with a flame on her palm in temple. she says this will keep burning until we find a solution out of it. Mata ji says please show us a way God.
Strong winds start to blow. A book falls from the shelf of temple.
Devika reads the book and says in three hundered years two moons appear together. If prem does karwa chauth rituals with me today. My powers will come back to me and then i will be able to kill gaitri. We can fool her. Prem says I wont be able to do all this. Mata ji says how can you say this Prem. You have seen, devika saved us from patali. Prem I know what you are going through but we are doing this for simar. If you dont do this everything will go in vain. Devika says i know it tough but this day wont come back for years. This is the chance. Prem nods.

Devika dresses as a bride and goes to terrace with Prem. Simar comes in devika’s room to look for her but she isn’t there. simar is coming in their direction. Devika is standing with prem in the balcony. Simar says where has devika gone? Maybe she is at terrace.
Prem says devika says where are the moons? She says its about time. They will appear any moment. Simar gets a call from roli. She can’t hear her voice. Both of the moon appears. devika shows them to prem. Simar asks roli did you see devika? Is she with you people?
Devika says I know what you are going through prem. We are doing this for simar. Simar hangs up. She says where is prem ji? Let me call him, maybe he is at terrace.

Devika does all the rituals of karwa chauth. Devika does arti of the moons. Simar sees devika. She is dazed. Simar says devika dressed as a bride? and here? Then why roli said she is with them? Simar comes forward and sees prem with her. She is startled.

Precap-Prem fills devika’s hairline. Simar is dazed. Devika and prem see her. Prem says please listen to me. Simar falls from stairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sasural simar ka rocks….
    Very nice episode..

    1. yes, , ,stretching as a rubber …

  2. Oh ho to ab yehan se simar patal lok jayegi,to o duniya me wapas ayegi ya nai?


  4. No Mariya…
    It’s not sasural bhootoo ka. It’s sasural devika ka…..????

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