Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Sid Says mean marriage over right…so here it is!! and hands her the papers with everyone shocked…and roli about to take the papers but sid takes them away again and he says but first u have to give the the thing first as to me that means marriage!! Roli confused!! and sid says ur manglesutra.!! all shocked and khushi smiling!! Sid says what do u think by signing u make and break a marriage. Marriage is made by the manglesutra. that i tied around ur neck. All crying. MArriage looks good with this sinddor..which i put in ur mang. once u remove this SID will be away from u automatically. What happened roli…why take so much time…take it all out…and throw it out!! the manglesutra is a sign of a wife and husband..but u didnt understand but i wont let u insult this manglesutra..and sid holds the manglesutra and says this is a mere necklace to u so u have no right to wear it..and trys to pull it and roli holds his hand..and khushi is confused!! and khushi says hey ROLI…take the manglesutra out and throw it away!! and Sid says u do care…and roli can never be away from sid. u still care for my family. why do this drama. Tell me yaar!! but then roli sees masi..and then roli says sid…and is about to tell him the truth but then she sees veeru entering…and has a flashback of veeru’s condition. and roli thinks no i cant be weak. i can not lose. I cannot tell sid the truth. this manglesutra is going to be my streght. she takes her hand away from sid and then sid puts her hand on his heart and says trust me nothing will happen…we will start a fresh…divorce wont come inbetween..and is about to tear the papers and roli stops him and sid and everyone shocked!! and roli says NO!! khushi is smiling. and she herself takes the manglesutra off and sid says no roli…and all are shocked!!! khushi and veeru happy. she gives her manglesutra to sid and says instead of tearing them sign them as soon as possible and give them to me. sid says i wont make u wait any longer… he signs the papers and gives it to her…saying u r free. roli takes the papers and leaves. sid is heartbroken. khushi says marriage over. simar is shell shocked. sid walking on streets!! with mangkesutra in his hands. thinking i lost my roli forvever…love in my life is over…my dreams are over…he looks at the manglesutra and has a flashback of roli taking it off…n he is about to throw it away but stops…n says i love u roli..i married u. even if u wanted i cant take u away from my heart…NEVER!!!

sid assistant thinking sid was angry yesterday but i will console him today. sid says she wants to go to the conference…and she is happy. roli looks at the papers and crys!! masi is consoling roli.

precap – simar praying to god to help her find out what the truth is and how to help roli.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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