Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to Piyush you know what are these kinda relationships called? Is this love? You want people to defame Vadahi? Why are you doing all this? Piyush says I didn’t do anything wrong. She says what you are doing is your sin. We are all worried for Vadahi. This will only ruin her life. Piyush says I lost my love once, won’t lose her again. I don’t care about your society. He leaves.

Simar tells Prem and Mataji everything. She says prem you talk to him he would listen to you. I know youa re not happy with Roshni but he can’t do all this. You have to talk to him. Prem says don’t worry I will. Simar says I hope he understands. Mataji says talk to him calmly. We have to soolve this with love. Be careful.
Prem stops Piyush and says you

are going to meet Vadahi? He says no papa. Simr says Piyush he knows everything. Piyuhs says okay then there is no reason to hide. I am going to meet Vadhai and there is no shame in it. Prem says do you even know it can defame our family. Piyush says but.. Prem says ask Vadhai to leave that house. Piyush says Vadahi is my responsibility. I promised her everything and I won’t break that. simar says what about the promise you made to Roshni? Piyush says I made no promises to her. simar says you married her and thats a promise. You have to accept the fact that he is your wife. Prem says care about our family name. Piyush says if because of this house’s name is in trouble I am ready to leave this house. Everyone is dazed. If you ask me I would even remove Bharadwaj from my name. I lived all these years without a father anyway. I lived all my childhood without family. Prem says our relation is not of name. You are my blood. Do you even know what happened back then? What I felt when your mom left this house with you. You both came here. I felt like I am complete again. I felt better. You think I don’t care? Your heart was broken but your mom and I couldn’t sleep for days. Piyush says forgive me papa for saying all that. I was in anger. Please pardon me. I didn’t want to hurt you. Prem says promiseme you won’t talk about leaving this house again? Piyush says never.

Simar gets a call and says what? But.. She says okay I will tell him. Simar says it was from our factory. Workers have protested there. Situation is out of control. Amar says what happened there? Simar says Prem they had been calling you. They need you. Prem leaves. Simar packs his stuff.

Scene 2
Anjali says tai ji you planned to torture me.
Mataji comes to Prem and says I wanted to talk to you two. Mataji says I think simar should go with you as well. Simar says but there is so much tension at home. Mataji says Prem had to stay there for long last time and he fell ill. You should be there with him. Simar says okay I will go with him as well.

Anjali has ordered something. Tai ji says whats in it? Anjali says I ordered a dress online. Saroj says show me. Anjali opens the box. It has a dress. Ajali comes to her room. The food hidde under the dress.
Saroj sees the receipt. She sees its a pizza order.

KB says to Vadhi its about time you ruin bharadwaj house. Vadhai says I was so fool so emotional. I will ruin Piyush’ life.
KB says in heart she will ruin bharadhwaj house and I will see the game.

Precap-Simar gives the keys to Roshni. She says this house is your responsibility now. Prem says to Piyush you are my pride. Don’t do anything that defames our family life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ohhh so now Piyush and Roshni are lead…… wow I love it.

    1. Me 2 yaaar

  2. I hate it now . Main characters has gone. No Roli, sonar, siddharth, or Prem all main characters Gone. No point of watching it anymore. Quite the serial director . 5 yrs is more then enough.

  3. Oh my god. The leads Simar, Roli, Prem, Siddhant all are gone. and now Piyush and Roshini are the lead……..???????? I can’t accept Roshini with Piyush. Please kill the character of Roshini and get his love Vaidhehi back as his wife and continue the serial. If Anjali and vikram are in leads, then i would accept anyhow. But couldn’t bear thi Roshini.

    Please bring back Sanju as a good daughter, because my Sid is upbringing her right. This is the correct time to get back her to the show, because she will help her brother Piyush like her mother did to him.

  4. I think they should just end the show. Enough of this Anjali and tai ji drama and enough of the misunderstandings between Piyush and Roshni!!! Can’t they just be happy for once instead of constantly fighting and arguing?!

  5. Sasural simar ka is now changed name to sasural Roshni ka….it’s nayi story of Roshni and piyush….simar and Prem won’t be shown for long time…makers did not want them to kill because they might be back in ssk for last episode

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