Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji comes out and says you haven’t even cleaned this. Simar says my hand hurts. Mata ji says clean it and bring me something to eat. simar says let me bring mop. Mata ji says you are useless.
Simar says I found pictures from mata ji’s room. Daddu’s picture was hiding it. Papa you must know who these people are. Rajhinder says I know all friends of mata ji. I never met two, matli and sunanda. Roli says we have to find details of all these friends. Simar says this is mata ji’s diary. It has number of all of them. Roli says lets start calling them. jhanvi says papa you should call. Rajhinder starts calling them.
He says I talked to all, and they are all alive and okay. Simar says except for these two. These are malti and suananda. roli says

we dont have their numbers. Rajhinder says how will we find out about them. sImar says I will go to village and find out. I will find some truth there. We will figure what mata ji is trying to hide.

Next morning, simar asks where is karuna? Simar says she is getting kids breakfast. SImar says don’t worry. Just pray that everything goes fine. Khushi says all the best. Prem and simar open the door, a woman is standing there. Simar says yes you are? She says I.. Mata ji says you.. you here. She smiles. Prem says mata ji will see the bags. He hides the bags. Mata ji says I can’t believe you are here. Uma says mata ji knows her? simr hugs her. the woman says no. Don’t touch me. I am mad at you. You never called me all these years. Mata ji says hug me, then you can fight as much as you want. simar welcomes her in. The woman says see what I brought for you. Mata ji says you remembered? Thank you. SImar touches her feet, she stops her. She says girls don’t touch feet here. Mata ji says teach them your ways too. Must be hungry, I will get breakfast ready for you. Mata ji asks uma and pari to get breakfast ready. She says jhanvi make something sweet. Sid says I will. Mata ji says no, jahnvi will. Mata ji says bring her in, she says chanto come in. Simr says in heart how will I go to village now. Simar takes her to guest house.

At night, simr is in guest house. Chanto locks the door. simar says why you locked the door?
Chanto says why I feel like this is not nirmala. There is something wrong. She tells her everything.
Simar tells her everything. Sh says I don’t think this is nirmala. I dont know how malti died but it looks like she is malti. Maybe malti has taken over nirmala’s body. Simar says do you know something? She says no. Simar says i will go to that village myself.

Simar tells prem everything. Prem says I will come with you. Everyone is worried and they all need you. Prem says okay but I dont get all this. Simar says yes it is. I forgot to tell you. I saw two people in mirror a little girl and a woman in white.

A woman is walking on road at night, the old song plays in background. Sid is driving. He says take a side. The woman gets hit by the car. Sid says are you mad? Do you wanna die? Its the same woman in mirror. Sid says you are crying. I am sorry I was rude. Should I drop you somewhere? She points at the road. He says sure, come in. She sits in the car.

Precap-Simar says what happened to the car suddenly. She sees people outside. simr hears little girl crying in backseat. She sees her sitting in the back seat.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wats going onpeople

  2. Hai i am in tamil and new in this page and the story lineup is sooooooo boring

  3. Wats all this not able to understand

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Crap show it is good avika quitting the show there is no imp for roli in that show s change name to sasural backwas ka. But avika in Tamil movie superb and manish you too quit and any director should hire both and they should start a new story of rosid only no backwas

  5. o plzzz close ur shw..
    ths is rly so disgusting …ur making fool to viwers n nthg else..dly bhoot,prait,nagin, dayan yhi dikhate ho thoda to real dikhao…n thnk u hv nthg fr story so u peple make ths nautanki…
    rly u r shw is cheaper thn all tv shws

  6. Show is getting really boring should be called susural simar Ka the troubled house.

  7. Worst tv show amongst all. God what a crap these stupid director & writers have made of this serial. With what story it started & where its leading now. No improvement at all. Dumb superstitions and nonsense making ppl go mad. Please close this show. Why this dumb Dipika is continuing also don’t know. Please go away with this show. And let everyone be happy.

  8. But this show is getting highest trps and thats why it will continue. This has turned into horror show and people are liking it. That is people who are not on the internet. The actors are getting good money and they wont quit as one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  9. This serial in tamil is moundru muduchi now tamil story lineup is after aciedent new roli is come to barathwaj house any one told me she is snake i dont watch in that time starting of the setion thats why ill ask you guys.

    1. yes….new/fake roli/fake is a snake….ichadhari nagin..she is d wife of d snake which bit the sidhanth in d forest during saving simar..dat snake would die after taking back its poision from this nagin came here for sidhant coz,her husbands life(pran/jaan) is now in sidhant…after some tym…due to sum circumstances…sidhat wil b pictured as dead n … she 2 ll become a +ve role….

  10. guyzz…bt this track is soo intresting to me…this is the good track after d nagins track…
    im loving it….
    bt…ek doubt hii.. matarani ki ghar me bhooto kise aa sakte hii…

  11. Ya tat lady is ichadari naagin..

  12. Hai ankita and vaishnavi thank you so much for explaining. Guys am tamil girl you both are tamil

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